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"All in all, you're just another brick in the wall..."  (Source: WinRumors)
Some unfortunate customers may be forced to get a new handset

The Windows Phone 7 platform was a pretty ambitious undertaking for Microsoft.  It represented a complete reboot for Microsoft's mobile efforts and offered up perhaps the most innovative interface on the market today.  But it was not without problems.

Since launch, Windows Phone 7 shoppers have griped about missing features -- copy & paste, third party multi-tasking, etc. -- which are found in competitors' phones.  On Monday Microsoft began to roll out a small update to prepare phones for these missing features.

However, the update has been rendering Samsung Omnia 7s inoperative and unresponsive.  After installing the patch, the handset attempts to reboot, hanging on the step where it's supposed to connect to your PC.  An endless cycle of rebooting death ensues, leaving you the proud owner a new brick.

Attempting to hard reset doesn’t help and connecting to Windows Phone 7's PC recovery suite yields a "Restoration Error".  It appears that owners should assume the worst, as Microsoft is advising that affected users exchange the bricked unit for a new handset.

One user, Tom Granville writes, "Basically, after plugging in my phone to receive the update, the process gets as far as stage 6 of 10 where the phone goes through the reboot process but the phone hangs on the ‘connect your phone to your PC’.

In a statement, a Microsoft spokesperson acknowledges that the company has "identified a technical issue with the Windows Phone update process", which it says affects a "small number of phones."

Microsoft adds, "In response to this emerging issue, we have temporarily taken down the latest software update for Samsung phones in order to correct the issue and as soon as possible will redistribute the update."

The company promises to bring back the update "as soon as possible".

Even if the handset didn't brick a particular user's phone, some users are reporting that it caused issues with the phone's backup, which is set up to occur when you connect it to your PC.

WinRumors collected a handful of other users who were voicing their frustrations on Twitter.  Those users include Will CahillMichel Angelo, and Steve Frolleau who are experiencing backup problems, and Alex RoebuckMikael PeterssonPhil WilliamsGarsim, and  Evan Bronstein whose phone have experienced the worse case scenario -- a complete bricking.

Microsoft's update woes come not long after it finally solved its "phantom data" issues.  A couple weeks ago Microsoft revealed Yahoo! Mail to be the offending third-party app that was consuming inordinate amounts of data due to a software glitch.  Ultimately the end affect of that issue on users was minimal -- it killed some users’ batteries a bit faster.  By contrast, this issue seems far more severe, though it's still unclear exactly how many users are affected.

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RE: Apple Sucks
By MDGeek on 2/23/2011 10:51:27 AM , Rating: -1
Apple sucks. ---by StraightCashHomey on February 23, 2011

Really? ..........Let's see how...

-If Apple "sucks" as you claim how come every Technology company on planet today want to be like or make their products be like Apple's?

-If Apple "sucks" how come so many Android Fanboyz are raving about how cool their iPhone-inspired Android features are?

-If Apple suck, how come every tablets at 2011 CES claim to be iPad killer?

....Hmmmmmmm, it turns out Apple has become the Technology standard bearer, no wonder why everyone is gunning after Apple's style of success.

So if Apple really sucks, that means every Technology company sucks as well, including your beloved platform (Android, W7, RIM, & others).

RE: Apple Sucks
By Helbore on 2/23/2011 12:40:54 PM , Rating: 2
Oh this is an easy one to answer.

1. Every technology company on the planet does not want to be like Apple. They might want their profit, but that's about it.

2. I don't know anyone with an android phone who raves about iPhone-like features. Most of them rave about the features Android has that you can't get on an iPhone (widgets, for example).

3. Did all the tablet manufacturers really claim that they had iPad killers or was this all down to journalists?

Saying "Apple Sucks" doesn't mean every other tech company also sucks. That's just silly. You could say that Apple sucks because you don't like their closed architecture approach or because of the bad attitude towards customers ("You're holding it wrong").

The logic you gave would be like if someone said "Windows Sucks" and you responded by saying "well that means Linux or OSX must suck too, because every company wants to have Microsoft's market share, every operating system is based on the Windows layout (not true really, but about as true as Android being a copy of IOS) and every distro wants to be the 'Windows killer'"

Logic gone wrong there.

RE: Apple Sucks
By MeesterNid on 2/23/2011 2:01:25 PM , Rating: 2
Dude, give it a rest. They are one of the most innovative companies out there and are gaining market share left and right, they gotta be doing something right.

And WTF is "closer architecture approach" anyway?! Is that like developing products behind closed doors so you can gain competitive advantage in the market...? Because if you're strictly talking about their hardware they use the same stuff that other OEMs do...they just make their products stand out more.

Or is it their OS? Because in that case Darwin has been open source since 2000, which is a lot more open than Windows kernel.

RE: Apple Sucks
By Akrovah on 2/23/2011 2:06:51 PM , Rating: 2
By closed architecture I believe has was talking about the closed, highly controlled, system. You buy ad iPhone. The only way to put music on it is with iTunes. iTunes itself will only put music onto an iDevice. And until recently music purchased through iTunes could only be used with iTunes or an iDevice.

The only way to get apps is through Apple's approved store. Even then Apple maintins control over what can and cannot be posted, even in the past revoking apps that people ahve already bought, and removing them from people's phones (I think even without refund, but that I do not recal).

The Apple ecosystem is very rigid, tightly controlled, and only open to those who want to play by Apple's rules. Hence, it is a closed system, or architecture.

RE: Apple Sucks
By Helbore on 2/24/2011 5:56:12 AM , Rating: 2
Yes, that's exactly what I was talking about. I'm surprised you even have to explain this "closed system" approach of Apple's to anyone. They've always been like it. I thought it was obvious enough that everyone knew it.

It does worry me though, that "Apple fans" are so defensive over the tiniest bit of criticism aimed at the company. All I did was point out the logical flaws in someone's argument and give an example of why - and in response I get someone telling me to "give it a rest" and "that Apple is one of the most innovative companies out there."

I don't believe I even commented on whether Apple were innovative or not, just that every tech company doesn't want to be like Apple as the previous poster suggested.

Why do Apple fans get so bent out-of-shape over any comment that could even remotely be perceived as possibly negative about a multinational corporation they happened to buy a piece of electronic hardware from? I own a Sony TV, but I don't flip a nut every time someone criticises Sony. Seems weird to me.

RE: Apple Sucks
By transporter2000 on 2/24/2011 8:39:39 AM , Rating: 2
And until recently music purchased through iTunes could only be used with iTunes or an iDevice

This is hogwash. I've ripped CDs into MP3, downloaded music from Amazon, emusic, etc and loaded them on my iphone/ipod devices just fine since 2003. Albeit through iTunes, but what do I care. It does the job just fine.

As for Apps, yeah that is closed. There's pros and cons to that approach though. For ubergeeks, they'll chafe at that approach. At least there's some level of protection for a technophobe that they aren't installing malware and it makes dumbdown simple to purchase apps through their store for most people.

Obviously, Apple is doing something right. Their profits and market share is rising in a down economy.

If you are the kind of person that wants to tinker with your phone, root, whatever, iPhone isn't for you. Personal choice. It doesn't mean Apple sucks, it means you're not their target market. Why would they target a market that's about 5% of the public?

RE: Apple Sucks
By nikon133 on 2/23/2011 4:43:49 PM , Rating: 2
Starbucks is gaining market share left and right... Burger King is growing here in NZ... so they must be doing something right.

But they still suck.

RE: Apple Sucks
By rlandess on 2/23/2011 1:14:35 PM , Rating: 2
Being popular doesn't mean you don't suck. Actually, popular is a good indicator of a person or corporations suckiness. Why so? Because people suck and their judgment can't be trusted.

example: Sarah Palin

Pointing out that other platforms suck doesn't help make a case for Apple not sucking.

One good reason for hating Apple is that every person who owns an iPod, iPhone, or share of Apple stock thinks everything Apple makes is magically perfect. It's because people buy Apple to soothe their identity crisis rather than buy products based on rational criteria. Furthermore people tend to not badmouth the corporation they buy their identity from so we don't hear the full scope of complaints about Apple products.

There have been a few good quality Apple products. But quality is not the major factor is designing Apple products. Not anymore anyway. It's about flashy interfaces and stylish facades. Apple is about "unparalleled user experience" so long as your expectations match their execution. Who wants to be told the proper way to hold their phone or how they should use their music player?

The users know best what they want which is why we get awesome ideas from modders and the opensource community.

Let's get this out there while we're at it. All fanboys suck. If you get defensive when someone attacks your brand it is because you identify yourself with said brand in an unhealthy way.

Nothing you have stated in support of Apple has any substance. Take that as a sign and reevaluate your life.

RE: Apple Sucks
By MDGeek on 2/23/11, Rating: -1
RE: Apple Sucks
By lawrance on 2/27/2011 1:01:16 PM , Rating: 2
"Actually, popular is a good indicator of a person or corporations suckiness. Why so? Because people suck and their judgment can't be trusted."

You used Sarah Palin (who does suck) as your example which does not apply in this case. You can't compare peoples political judgements (which is highly skewed due to sound bites on radio and TV) vs. technical gadgets which they choose to spend their money on.

I take great offense to this comment:
"One good reason for hating Apple is that every person who owns an iPod, iPhone, or share of Apple stock thinks everything Apple makes is magically perfect. It's because people buy Apple to soothe their identity crisis rather than buy products based on rational criteria."

Generalize much? So what you're saying, is that I - A person whom you've never met, must think every Apple product is perfect, and I ONLY buy Apple products because I have an identity crisis (like having to have cool jeans in high school?) and lastly, I don't know how to shop, compare and make a sound financial purchase because I'm an irrational person with irrational criteria - obviously proven to you since I purchased an Apple product!

If you seriously believe this... You're perception of reality is severely skewed. - You don't know me and you have no right to accuse me of being irrational and having an identity crises, let alone the millions of others who you are generalizing about. Do you realize how ignorant you come across with blanket statements like these?

"But quality is not the major factor is designing Apple products. Not anymore anyway."EXAMPLES PLEASE! - And please don't make the mistake of leaving out features for quality. Quality has to do with how a product is assembled. Apple uses aluminum and glass in many of their products where others use plastic and more plastic. I implore you to offer examples of poor quality Apple products. Again, keeping in mind that features does not equal quality.

I'm getting sick and tired of words like "sheeple" and "sucks" when referring to Apple products and the people who buy them. Apple rates #1 in customer service and customer satisfaction. Many of their products rate #1 in their category. People don't buy them because they cheap (which is the reason people buy many other products.) So therefore you deduce we buy them because they are stylish. You sir are a moron. We buy Apple products (not all of them mind you) because they are the best for OUR criteria.

"If you mod me down, I will become more insightful than you can possibly imagine." -- Slashdot

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