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Motorola Xoom
Verizon confirms on-contract pricing for Xoom

As we get closer to the launch date of the Motorola Xoom (this Thursday), more details are being revealed on the device. The latest piece of info to come out of Verizon today is that the Xoom will priced at $599 from Verizon with a two-year data contract

As you may recall, the unsubsidized Xoom (with built-in 3G modem) is priced at $799 while the Wi-Fi-only model is priced at $599. Verizon also confirmed that the data plans would start at $20/month for a measly 1GB of data. For comparison, AT&T offers 2GB of data on the iPad 3G for $25/month. 

Another surprising bit of information gleaned from Verizon's press release is that the LTE upgrade that has been talked about for the Xoom will be a free upgrade when it becomes available in the second half of 2011.

The Xoom will be the poster child for Google’s new Android 3.0 “Honeycomb” operating system that his been tailored specifically for tablet devices.

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By Alexstarfire on 2/22/2011 5:38:57 PM , Rating: 2
$600 is more than $630? I guess math changed since I went to school yesterday. Unsubsidized it's much more expensive for seemingly no reason. Though if you end up not having to buy any iPad attachments you could end up saving money but I'm leaving that out for arguments sake. $800 compared to $630 is ridiculous and $600 compared to $500 doesn't make much sense either unless you just like the Xoom better for some reason. However, I think we can all see that if you're getting a tablet with 3G that you're going to want 3G service. I certainly can't agree with pricing for 3G service on any network but it makes sense to get a subsidized tablet with 3G capabilities. $600 compared to $630 isn't much of a difference, but I'm sure it'll drive some people to buy it.

I'd never get a tablet anyway, form factor seems stupid to me. Does what my phone does but with a bigger screen. Honeycomb will making interacting with a tablet different, probably better, but that shouldn't change its functionality very much if at all. I'd rather have a 5" or 6" phone that still fits in my pocket. I'm a guy so my pockets could easily handle something that size. Most could probably fit a Galaxy Tab but it hardly matters since it doesn't have phone service.

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