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One California school district volunteered for a six-week program that tracks students with unexcused absences using GPS devices

While riding on a parade float singing "Twist and Shout" sounds like a better time than going to school, students might want to rethink their plans for a Ferris Bueller-like rendezvous now that a California school district is using GPS units to track students with a poor attendance history. 

The Anaheim Union High School District has volunteered to be apart of a six-week program, which aims to reduce the number of unexcused absences by equipping seventh and eighth grade students who have a poor attendance record with handheld GPS devices. Reducing the number of absences a student has saves the school district money. Every time a student misses class, the school loses $35.

The program works by assigning GPS units to students with more than three unexcused absences. After receiving the GPS device, students are sent an automated phone call every school day to remind them to get up and go to school. They must enter a code five times a day in order to activate the device and track their location. They must enter the code on their way to school, once they arrive, during lunch, on their way home from school and at 8 p.m. In addition, a coach is assigned to each student in order to make sure that they are where they're supposed to be doing what they're supposed to do. 

"This is their last chance at an intervention," said Kristen Levitin, principal at Dale Junior High in West Anaheim. "Anything that can help these kids get to class is a good thing."

The district has 75 students participating in the program. Those participating are able to avoid other consequences that the school may have otherwise administered had the students' not volunteered. After the six-week program is over, district officials will make the decision to either expand the program to other high schools and junior highs or dismiss it. 

Some parents are having a hard time accepting the program rules, saying that it seems a bit harsh.

"I feel like they come at us too hard, and making kids carry around something that tracks them seems extreme," said Raphael Garcia, who has a sixth grade student in the district with six unexcused absences. 

The GPS units cost $300-$400 each, and parents must replace them if they are lost or broken. The total cost of the program is about $18,000, which is funded by a state grant. 

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what a waste of money.
By chick0n on 2/22/2011 12:01:37 PM , Rating: 1
It does not matter what they put on the student.

ok give them a GPS device, how about the student just leave it at home and go out to party ?

People came up with the GPS idea is just plain retarded, Which is what went wrong with our Educational system.

When I was a high school student like 15-16 years ago, I start skipping school, in fact I didn't even go more than 100 days out of the 3-4 yrs I stay in there. Sure they did come and get me, threaten to sue my parents, they even test my IQ and see if Im retarded ... rofl.

and finally I got to 17, which is a legal "reason" to kick me out. I still remember the day they kick me out, in the Dean's office that asshole there gave me the look and said I am a failure.

guess what fuck tard, first thing I got out of school was I went to get my diploma, and I got it in 3 months. Then I got into college at the age of 17. I really wonder what they taught people in high school.

the problem is not the student, its the teachers/administrators. One of the reasons why I did not go to school was because they were all a bunch of arrogant fags, who treat us with totally no respect. so why should I respect them? some kids might suck it up and accept it, not me. Im a failure huh? maybe, at Age of 31 now I have 3 cars, house, some money, hmm. I saw one of the bitch in my old high school still driving her pos oldsmobile ... rofl.

RE: what a waste of money.
By mindless1 on 2/23/2011 12:52:37 AM , Rating: 1
I suspect your defiant attitude was why they hassled you. Generally speaking if a child tries to get along they don't encounter teachers acting like arrogant fags (whatever that is supposed to mean?) or without respect.

As for driving an old Oldsmobile, you may find that when you get older you hang onto the same car for longer too, particularly if you're earning peanuts for a salary as a teacher. There's nothing to be ashamed of choosing a career that doesn't make a *lot* of money if it is something you enjoy doing, especially if it helps others.

RE: what a waste of money.
By smackababy on 2/24/2011 11:18:41 AM , Rating: 2
Average teacher salary is 43k at high school levels. That isn't peanuts. You can afford more than a 20 year old car.

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