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Android grew nine fold in 2010
Gartner stats rank smartphone makers

The mobile phone world is growing quickly in the high-end with more and more mobile users migrating to feature laden smartphones from feature phones and entry-level devices. The average smartphone can often replace multiple devices for some users thanks to digital convergence.

The latest statistics in from Gartner show that smartphone sales are booming in the market with a growth rate of 72% last year. The global market for mobile phones of all types has blossomed to 1.6 billion units according to the research firm. While Apple grabs much of the news with the iPhone smartphone, the company is ranked as the fifth largest mobile phone firm in the world with RIM coming in fourth place.

Gartner also reports that Android smartphones passed Symbian devices in sales for Q4. Symbian is still listed as the best selling smartphone OS overall according to Gartner thanks to the widespread use by other makers of phones using the OS.

Nokia is hurting badly and feeling the heat with new CEO Stephen Elop noting that Nokia was standing on a "burning platform" referring to MeeGo and conceding that Apple owned the high-end market with the iPhone in an employee memo leaked today. Nokia is still the largest mobile phone vendor according to Gartner's numbers, but it declined from 36.4% of the market in 2009 to 28.9% in 2010.

Carolina Milanese from Gartner said, "The decline [of Nokia] is not solely attributable to Nokia’s continuing deficiency in high-end devices but is in part the result of the growth of legitimate white-box sales."

Gartner also noted that about half the phones sold in Q4 in Europe and North America were smartphones and that Android sales had increased by nine times. Samsung Electronics is ranked second in the Gartner list and LG Electronics is third. Both of these firms are selling a large number of Android devices.

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RE: Smartphone Sales Grew 72%
By Pirks on 2/9/2011 3:46:52 PM , Rating: 1
current developers have seen this and started porting their once exclusive to Apple apps to Android and some are looking to dump Apple and develop exclusively for Android
Potential gains form the relatively large size of the Android market are seriously crippled by fragmentation and lack of updates for the smartphones (usually only Apple supports their phones for 2-3 years, the rest ship one update in best case, likes of Samsung etc don't do even this), so my take is that Jobs is looking at this huge mess of a dozens of Android versions, handset revisions of all sizes, capabilities and all kinds of hardware, most without updates or support, and just laughs while looking at all this zoo. What's the profit for the Android dev who has to support all this zoo? On iPhone he spends much less time/effort checking for compatibility issues. Console games eclipsed PC games for exact same reason - hardware uniformity wins the wallets of both consumers and devs alike. Google and yourself will learn it too, in time.

RE: Smartphone Sales Grew 72%
By Luticus on 2/9/2011 4:21:55 PM , Rating: 2
Console games eclipsed PC games for exact same reason - hardware uniformity wins the wallets of both consumers and devs alike.

This is mostly true. A large reason that console games have trumped pc games is that pc games require more troubleshooting "sometimes" to get to work. There's an install process and system specs to consider vs. just popping in a disc and hitting "play". The fact is that the computer is a "general device". This is why console games can usually produce "comparable graphics/game size" on 1/2 the hardware capability.

Uniformity, i don't believe, matters as much on phones because there's more to phones than games. The vast majority of apps out there for a lot of these phones are so basic and simple to write they are easily ported anyway. If this weren't the case then android wouldn't be nearly as successful. Besides that, there is a HUGE difference between "Angry Birds" and "Zelda" or "Mario".

Seriously, how hard is it to troubleshoot the "drink a fake beer" app or all the fart apps out there. I think, what we need to do is raise our standards regarding what we consider real "apps". Honestly, if it wouldn't sell in a box over the counter then it doesn't count as far as i'm concerned.

Another interesting fact is that consoles are artificially holding games back. Basically put, lets say i wanted to develop a game for the pc which gets regular hardware advancements. I could make that game completely max out the hight of pc hardware and have it look truly epic, or i could write a game for the xbox which has been out since 05 and so it's using ~5-6 year old graphics technology and therefore all games made for it are limited to use that technology. The new xbox slim has an artificially crippled processor just to maintain compatibility. Now i get why Microsoft did this and i agree with their decision, i just find it interesting.

And to be quite honest I'm an avid console gamer. I have the original nintendo, snes, n64, gamecube, wii, ds, ps2, psp, and xbox360. I am also a big computer gamer. I have many computers that are for many things, one of which is gaming. Though i prefer pc for gaming i recognize that consoles certainly have their place and are superior when it comes to certain things such as low cost in living room same unit multi-player gaming.

By Treknologist on 2/9/2011 4:30:44 PM , Rating: 2
Potential gains form the relatively large size of the Android market are seriously crippled by fragmentation

When all else fails, go back to repeating the same nonsense - fragmentation. Have you not seen the recent data showing that over 90% of Android phones are running Android 2.x? How is that fragmented? Last I checked (which was last week), iOS had a similar level of this infamous fragmentation, if not worse. So, give it a rest.

Also to say that developers are not going to be willing to work with Android due to "fragmentation" is total nonsense. Why do I say that? Well, let's look at another "fragmented" OS out there, Microsoft Windows. There are machines running Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7 yet developers don't seem to have a problem making software compatible with all these versions? You know why? Market share! Windows has a large market share, therefore, making software for it warrants sales and profit. The same will apply for Android even if it is perceived as being "fragmented." A year ago, Android had a little over 3% market share. Today Android has increased that number by 900%! This means that companies like Sony are taking notice and more and better software will be released for Android.

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