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Apple CEO Steve Jobs holding up the iPad.  (Source:
Next-gen device will be lighter, thinner, and sport a front-facing camera

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that a new version of Apple's iPad -- one with a faster processor and at least a front-facing camera -- is now being manufactured.

Despite earlier reports of improved resolution, the unnamed sources in the WSJ report fail to corroborate that rumor, saying that the new iPad will have a resolution similar to its first-generation cohort. "People familiar with the situation said Apple has had trouble improving the display technology, in part because of the iPad screen's larger size compared with the iPhone," WSJ reports.

However, the new device is allegedly lighter and thinner than the current iPad, will boast more memory, a more powerful GPU, and will sport at least a front-facing camera for video conferencing. 

Since its debut in last April, the iPad has reportedly moved 14.8 million units. The iPad 2 is expected to launch in the next few months, and will be available from both Verizon and AT&T at roughly the same price as the current model. Analysts Piper Jaffray & Co. predict Apple will move 27 million iPads this year, while others predict a number as high as 35 million units.  

Meanwhile, research firm IHS iSuppli believes that the iPad's market share could decline to less than 50% of the tablet market that by 2013.

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RE: I don't get it
By slacker57 on 2/9/2011 2:46:50 PM , Rating: 2
I don't really care about the topic at hand; I just can't stand when people don't know how to make a proper metaphor.

This is a straw man argument. People in the market for a bike are not the same people in the market for a truck. The previous argument was about brand difference. I'm pretty sure Ford doesn't make bikes.

The argument you need to use would be something of this nature: "I do find it somewhat ironic that despite having almost a (long period of time) of Brand A's 18-speed bikes available, people are clamoring to buy Brand B's 10-speed bikes that do LESS."

Or you could change it to car brands and go with V8s vs. V6s or something instead of 18-speed vs. 10-speed.

Also, you'd have to prove that people really are "clamoring" for Brand B's product more than Brand A's, and so you're really expecting us to believe that there is a clamor on out there for bicycles? I have not been to a BMX website in a long time (well, ever -- they still make bikes, right?) but I bet there isn't a sold-out preorder for the newest model.

So, basically, just post what you mean instead of trying to be clever.

RE: I don't get it
By SPOOFE on 2/9/2011 2:51:26 PM , Rating: 2
People in the market for a bike are not the same people in the market for a truck.

Not NECESSARILY the same. There's obvious overlap.

People in the market for a tablet are not necessarily the same people in the market for a laptop. The analogy is sound.

Think of it this way: How many people own both a truck AND a bike? How many people want to buy a new truck if they already own a truck that does exactly what they need their truck to do?

so you're really expecting us to believe that there is a clamor on out there for bicycles?

Ah, I see, it's not the analogy's fault, it's yours for reading irrelevencies into it.

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