Amazon drops Google in favor of MSN for its A9 search unit

If the comments section are any proof, it doesn't seem as though many people are on Google's side when it comes to its complaint about Internet Explorer 7's default search engine. Google was quite upset that Microsoft's default search engine is MSN Search -- imagine that. Well, there's more bad news for the folks at Google as Amazon has dropped the company's search engine in favor of MSN Search for its A9 unit.

Microsoft has been losing marketshare to Google and Yahoo recently so this development should be somewhat of a boost for the company. Microsoft's share of the US search engine market in March stood at 11% compared to 49% and 22% for Google and Yahoo respectively. From Retuers:

Tennenhouse said the Google search was removed from the site on Sunday, following the expiration of that contract. He would not comment on the terms of the Microsoft deal, or whether a new contract with Google had been an option.

Microsoft's new search engine and user interface consolidates a variety of the software giant's Web services such as search, e-mail, instant messaging and security at its site.

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