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Jobs takes second medical leave of absence from Apple

Apple's Steve Jobs had a big 2010. He oversaw the launch of the iPad, iPhone 4, and popular new MacBook Air models. In more recent news, Apple's market cap surpassed the $300 billion USD mark.

Despite all the positive news on the company front, it appears that Jobs' health is once again the in spotlight. Jobs released the following statement today:


At my request, the board of directors has granted me a medical leave of absence so I can focus on my health. I will continue as CEO and be involved in major strategic decisions for the company.

I have asked Tim Cook to be responsible for all of Apple’s day to day operations. I have great confidence that Tim and the rest of the executive management team will do a terrific job executing the exciting plans we have in place for 2011.

I love Apple so much and hope to be back as soon as I can. In the meantime, my family and I would deeply appreciate respect for our privacy.


Jobs last took a medical leave of absence in January 2009, and was successfully treated for pancreatic cancer. He received a liver transplant in early 2009 and was back at the helm of Apple in late June 2009.

We all here at DailyTech wish Jobs a speedy recovery.

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From a cancer survivor...
By ChristopherO on 1/17/2011 11:34:21 AM , Rating: 5
I feel for Steve even though I'm not a fan of some of his professional antics. Whatever he's going through can't be fun. I'm mid-30s and have survived numerous rounds of chemotherapy and a marrow transplant. The older you get, the harder it becomes to endure treatment. In some regards, post-60 years old the treatments feel worse than the disease (I know Steve isn't 60 yet, but he's getting close)... Especially if it is a relapse and you're already beat from a first go-around.

I'm hoping that this is just long-term chemo side-effects catching up to him and not a relapse. After awhile you need to pay-the-piper for all the medical attention, organs, etc, just don't work like they used to. Hopefully all he needs is rest and realize he needs to take-it-easy.

You don't see too many CEOs as cancer survivors and transplant recipients purely because it takes so much out of you.

“And I don't know why [Apple is] acting like it’s superior. I don't even get it. What are they trying to say?” -- Bill Gates on the Mac ads

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