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T-Mobile's overly happy spokeschick, Carly Foulkes  (Source: T-Mobile via YouTube)

"Verizon" and "AT&T", the iPhone's "friends" try to establish their separate identities, with much difficulty.  (Source: T-Mobile via YouTube)
"How do you tell them apart?" -- T-Mobile chick

T-Mobile has been hooting and hollering about its "4G" (actually 3.5, HSPA+) network for a long time.  While testing has shown it to be slower than true 4G networks like Verizon's LTE or Sprint's WiMAX, T-Mobile does offer HSPA+ phones, something that Verizon can't yet claim.  So in terms of data network speed, after Sprint, T-Mobile currently is the next best thing.

The carrier rubs in that fact with a pointed new commercial [video], which simultaneous disses the Apple iPhone, AT&T, and Verizon.  Clearly T-Mobile doesn't think users should be impressed with the fact that the iPhone has come to Big Red.

The ad spot features the ever-popular T-Mobile chick (better known as Carly Foulkes, a model also appearing in ads for Ralph Lauren Rugby line) poking fun at the iPhone dude (a clear parody of Justin Long's character) and his eternal attempts at being cool.

This time around the iPhone has brought two identical friends.  One friend is AT&T -- the other, the iPhone's new network Verizon.  T-Mobile's gal asks, "Who are your buddies?"

IPhone responds, "Oh that's AT&T, and that's Verizon?"

Verizon chimes in "Actually I'm Verizon."

And AT&T adds, "And I'm AT&T."

Indeed the two are the same actor, with everything the same, from his balding head, to his stodgy suit.  Everything that is, except for the tie.  AT&T's tie is, of course, blue, while Verizon's is red.  The T-Mobile lady, puzzled, asks, "How do you tell them apart?  Does one of them have nationwide 4G like me?"

IPhone mournfully replies, "Nope, I'm pretty much slow with either one."
Well, it's true that the iPhone can't yet handle HSPA+ or LTE/WiMAX for the matter.  We're guessing it will get the upgrade to HSPA+ sometime this summer, and maybe will see an LTE bump in summer 2012.

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RE: True 4G networks
By AlphaVirus on 1/14/2011 11:21:11 AM , Rating: 2
There is no true 4G technology at the moment anywhere in the world, it hasn't even been officially released by the GSMA. At the moment we are seeing 3G Evolved, which is the transition phase between 3G and 4G.

I don't have a link, nor do I remember exactly where I saw it, but basically I read that it started as a PR stunt but was allowed by the big wigs because all the customer needs to know is higher number = newer/better. Once true 4G is finally released then they will continue to use 4G but probably capitalize on the new technical term (see LTE/Wimax).

RE: True 4G networks
By mcnabney on 1/14/2011 11:28:42 AM , Rating: 2
LTE is actually capable of providing 100Mbs to a mobile device, but it can't be provided due to massive spectrum limitations.

Now the awesome latency is for real. 30-50ms pings!

RE: True 4G networks
By AlphaVirus on 1/15/2011 10:16:35 AM , Rating: 2
Correct LTE is capable of 100Mbs but you can expect to max out only 1/4 in a real world setting. For example I have an ATT aircard (built-in) that promises 7.2Mbps but real world it gets max 2Mbps.

You know I really hope I live to see the day we can have wireless devices receiving less than 100ms, as of today it's always hovering around 200ms or more.

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