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After three and a half years of AT&T exclusivity, Verizon now has access to the iPhone 4

The iPhone made a huge splash on the smartphone market when it landed on AT&T's network in 2007. Since then, the iPhone has been an AT&T-exclusive; that is until now. Verizon officially announced that it will sell a CDMA version of the iPhone 4 next month.

"Today we're partnering with a giant of the industry, and that's Apple," said Verizon Wireless CEO Lowell Mcadam. Despite earlier reports that suggested that it would be Apple CEO that would join the Verizon stage to tout the iPhone 4, it was actually Tim Cook that carried the torch for Apple during the press conference. 

“We are pleased to introduce millions of wireless users to the industry leading iPhone 4 on the nation’s most reliable network,” said McAdam. “This is an important step for the industry as two great companies join forces to give wireless customers one of the most important technological additions to the mobile landscape this century.” 

“Verizon Wireless customers have told us they can't wait to get their hands on iPhone 4, and we think they are going to love it,” said Apple COO Tim Cook. “We have enormous respect for the company Verizon has built and the loyalty they have earned from their customers.”

Hardware changes are minimal, and all the same features of the GSM version of the iPhone 4 (dual camera, retina display, A4 processor, etc.) are still found on Verizon's iPhone 4.

Verizon Wireless executives were also quick to point out that it has built out its network with enough backhaul capacity to support the iPhone 4 and the data that the device consumes. It appears that Verizon Wireless doesn’t want a repeat of the strain that iPhones have put on AT&T’s fragile network.

Existing Verizon Wireless customers will be able to pre-order the iPhone 4 on February 3. Everyone else will be able to purchase the device on February 10 when it is made publicly available. Prices are the familiar $199 for the 16GB iPhone 4 and $299 for the 32GB iPhone 4. A nice addition to the Verizon iPhone 4 is that it will act as a 3G “Personal Hotspot” for up to five devices (another nod to Verizon Wireless’ confidence in its network's reliability).

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Same ol' crap
By AlphaVirus on 1/11/2011 12:04:41 PM , Rating: 1
As an ex-iphone user gone to WP7 and never looking back, I still feel bad for current iphone users and zealots.
So many anti-ATT iphone users have been begging for a Verizon option and now that one is available, it's crippled by the garbage that is CDMA. As much as I love the EVO and Epic, I hate having to watch friends and family members use it on such crippled technology.

As the rep said on stage, you can't use data and voice at the same time with Verizon...uhm whats the point of having a smartphone if you can't multitask! I'd hate to be on a conference call for work and need to check an email..."Hey let me call you guys back so I can download this PDF"

I still recommend to current iphone users, give it up and get a better phone. The sooner you leave the Apple ecosystem, the less painful it will be when leaving.

RE: Same ol' crap
By msheredy on 1/11/2011 1:06:27 PM , Rating: 2
Verizon...uhm whats the point of having a smartphone if you can't multitask!

If they really want to multitask now then they'd buy one from AT&T.

Why don't you feel sorry for all the current CDMA users who have smartphones that can't multi-task?

RE: Same ol' crap
By cjohnson2136 on 1/11/2011 1:30:58 PM , Rating: 2
Honestly I don't about the multi tasking. If I am on the phone with someone I give them my attention not just kind of listen while i surf the web or e-mail. And if its so important that I talk to someone and have to search something thats why i use my computer. Multi tasking is ncie but I don't think it is a make or break thing

RE: Same ol' crap
By AlphaVirus on 1/12/2011 10:13:54 AM , Rating: 2
I did mention that in my original post, I feel sorry for current users.

"As much as I love the EVO and Epic, I hate having to watch friends and family members use it on such crippled technology."

I love the Andriod OS but hate watching people use it on CDMA, or if I'm on a phone call I hate hearing them say 'let me hang up and call you back so I can do XYZ'.
Honestly the only purpose I see for CDMA is competition, but I would only switch to Sprint or Verizon if the prices were drastically cheaper.

RE: Same ol' crap
By Omega215D on 1/11/2011 2:04:31 PM , Rating: 2
CDMA is better from a tech standpoint because it's not based on Time Division but Code so more transmissions can be handled by a single tower compared to GSM. Many countries other than the US have put up CDMA towers for this reason as it is more cost effective.

CDMA cannot transmit voice and data because they both use the same frequency which will change when LTE is deployed.

Then there's the school of thought that it is rude to put someone on hold while you wait for your email or file to come through not to mention it kills the battery faster for both parties. Best to hang up and contact again when finished.

RE: Same ol' crap
By AlphaVirus on 1/12/2011 10:21:21 AM , Rating: 2
When LTE is deployed current users still won't be able to make use of the new technology, will they? If so that would make Verizon or Sprint more viable to use.

No its not rude to put someone on hold to look something up, I did it yesterday afternoon actually. Someone in another location sent me an email with a spreadsheet attached asking for an explanation, I told him "hold on while I review it". It took about 10 seconds but that is better than hanging up, viewing, calling back which could take over a minute. It just makes it easier to collaborate.

RE: Same ol' crap
By Commodus on 1/11/2011 2:19:26 PM , Rating: 1
The irony is that you bought a WP7 phone... which can't multitask.

And by that I mean OS-level multitasking, not the network. That Verizon iPhone user can still download a Kindle book during a call while he's on Wi-Fi. A WP7 user on AT&T will have to pause the book download no matter what network he's on.

WP7 is a fun, clever OS, but it's most definitely not "better" in every sense (or even most senses). Plus, there's a certain hypocrisy to complaining about the Apple ecosystem and then flocking to a convicted monopolist.

RE: Same ol' crap
By AlphaVirus on 1/12/2011 10:34:00 AM , Rating: 2
Perhaps you should USE a WP7 device before saying it can't multitask, I do it all the time.

As mentioned above, yesterday someone sent a spreadsheet to my exchange email and called to see if I'd reviewed it yet. I didn't, so while on the phone I opened my email, reviewed the spreadsheet, discussed it while I was on the phone, and hung up.
As for true multitask (See Andriod OS), I see Microsoft pushing an update to have this because they actually care about corporate users (See Windows Mobile OS).

Also as the TMobile commercials mocks ATT-iphone about video calls while in wifi range, I am not always near WiFi so I need to be able to multitask anywhere.

RE: Same ol' crap
By Solandri on 1/11/2011 4:13:13 PM , Rating: 2
So many anti-ATT iphone users have been begging for a Verizon option and now that one is available, it's crippled by the garbage that is CDMA. As much as I love the EVO and Epic, I hate having to watch friends and family members use it on such crippled technology.

There's nothing crippling about the technology. In fact CDMA is so good that Verizon and Sprint were able to simply scale up the bandwidth of the (voice) CDMA network to allow for 3G data. That's why you can't do simultaneous voice and data on the 3G CDMA nets - they use the same radio, and voice isn't packet switched so it monopolizes the radio.

GSM uses markedly inferior TDMA for voice. It's so bad that they could barely compete with CDMA with 2G data, much less 3G. In order to get 3G speeds, they had to design an entirely new protocol and transmitter (some of these are even CDMA - it's that good). That's why GSM phones can do voice and data simultaneously - they have entirely separate radios to handle each. It's a side benefit of GSM voice being based on inferior technology.

Anyway, the problem goes away on CDMA networks if you use LTE (for Verizon) or WiMax (for Sprint) or WiFi for the data connection. Those newer technologies use a different radio from voice, so the phone can operate both radios at once. I can browse the web and talk on the phone at the same time with my Sprint Epic 4G when it's connected to 4G. Of course I've only had to do that once in the 3 months I've owned it...

RE: Same ol' crap
By AlphaVirus on 1/12/2011 10:41:25 AM , Rating: 2
Let me ask you this, while on 4G making a 3 way call are you able to hang up the phone with one of the people?
Currently CDMA won't allow something as simple as this too.

I won't lie, here in Houston Verizon is way faster than ATT but if I can't make use of that data at any time I need then its useless. One of the bullet points in the Verizon event was hotspot, what happens to the hotspot when someone calls? Does it suddenly drop the connection to the connected devices?

Correct, once LTE and WiMax are rolled out then these companies will be in better standind, BUT how long will it take for them to push it to all the major markets. Also Sprint already charges a $10 premium to "4G" devices even if your market can't use much more will they attempt at rate hikes? These are the types of things that make me turn my back on CDMA (Verizon/Sprint).

"This week I got an iPhone. This weekend I got four chargers so I can keep it charged everywhere I go and a land line so I can actually make phone calls." -- Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg
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