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Kinect for Xbox 360 and Playstation Move  (Source:
The company's original target was 5 million

In the first 60 days since its launch, Microsoft sold over 8 million Xbox Kinect's, which not only surpassed the company's own target, but also trumped the sales of Sony's competing system, Playstation Move, by about 4 million units.

Microsoft's Kinect is a controller-free, webcam-style gaming experience made for Xbox 360, where gamers have the ability to manipulate the actions of on-screen characters through a series of spoken commands and physical gestures. Sony's Playstation Move is a motion-sensing game controller platform made for Playstation 3. 

Sony's Playstation Move launched first on September 17, 2010 in North America, and the company sold 4.1 million units within the first 60 days. On the other hand, the Kinect launched on November 4, 2010 in North America and sold over 8 million units within the first 60 days. 

To buy the Playstation Move, the controller is $50 or $400 when purchased as a Playstation 3 bundle. Or, if you're more into the controller-free gaming experience, the Kinect is $150 by itself or $300 when bundled with the 4 gigabyte Xbox 360. 

While crushing the sales of a competing opponent is a great victory for the company, it isn't the only Microsoft-related news Steve Ballmer, Microsoft's Chief Executive Officer, had to share at the Consumer Electronics Show this week. In addition, Verizon Wireless and Sprint will carry phones based on Microsoft's "fledgling Windows 7 Phone operating software from this years first half." 

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RE: I'd like to know...
By Smilin on 1/10/2011 6:18:50 PM , Rating: 2
You probably feel like an idiot for the same reason you tire in 10 minutes.

Stick to a controller, a couch and a greasy bag of chips. If you don't get it you don't get it.

Me? I'm coordinated and have some modest amount of physical endurance. It's nice to enjoy hardcore 3d shooters (PC=hardcore, not console) AND all that the console AND all that Kinect has to offer. Bummer your closed mind is going to make you miss out on losing that gut.

RE: I'd like to know...
By Aloonatic on 1/11/2011 7:40:26 AM , Rating: 2
We're all very proud of you :o)

I hope that that makes you feel better :oD

RE: I'd like to know...
By Smilin on 1/11/2011 11:43:15 AM , Rating: 2
Your approval was what I was after. I am complete now. Thanks.

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