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Apple's market cap hits psychological milestone

While there is a bit of negative press surrounding Apple today (borked iPhone alarms), the future for the Cupertino giant is looking quite bright. The iPhone 4's expansion to Verizon Wireless is fast approaching (a fully supported Verizon "iPad 2" shouldn’t be too far behind), the Mac OS X App Store is launching this week, and Mac computer sales have been seeing an uptick over the past few quarters.

The company has now passed another “milestone” now that its stock has climbed to nearly $330 a share. As a result, the company now has a market capitalization of roughly $302 billion. 

If you recall, Apple's market cap was around $222 billion in late May of last year, putting it slightly ahead of Microsoft which was hovering around $219 billion. Microsoft's market cap today is $240 billion

For reference, Exxon Mobile has a market cap of $368 billion while Google sits at $193 billion

To back up the lofty $300+ billion market cap, Forbes' Eric Savitz says that Apple is projected to bring in revenue of $88 billion for the fiscal 2011, putting it ahead of Microsoft's estimated $68 billion. However, Apple is still expecting to trail behind Hewlett-Packard (est. $129 billion) and IBM (est. $99 billion) for fiscal 2011 revenue. 

With Apple expected to make a few waves in the form of new product in the coming weeks and months, it should be interesting to see if there is a ceiling to the stock's meteoric rise.

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RE: Who cares?
By michael2k on 1/4/2011 3:28:14 PM , Rating: 2
Wait, so a good product is defined by it costing less than a product you think isn't good?

So a $16k Civic isn't a good product because you can get a $12k Kia that does more?

Yet the Civic is universally acclaimed as a "good product".

Also, per your complaints, the first 3 iPhones didn't have that problem, so were they good products?

I think what it is, is you have Anything But Apple syndrome. You dislike how Apple designs, implements, markets, and prices their goods.

Because according to iPod, iPhone, and iPad sales, all three are critical successes.

RE: Who cares?
By EasyC on 1/6/2011 8:30:25 AM , Rating: 2
No, I don't have an ABA problem. This is what I do have...

* I have a problem paying 3x the price for PC hardware in a shiny case with an OS with roots tied to open source...
* I then have a problem paying to update said OS with bug fixes because the company very rarely does free patching, but more or less rolls them into new OS versions instead...
* I have a problem with forced obsolescence of a product when the new product can't even perform it's core function to satisfaction under normal conditions (read: make a damn phone call)...
* I have a problem seeing obvious manufacturer defects being portrayed as the responsibility of the end user and not the company who made them. (read: you're holding it wrong, don't use your product below the mason dixon line in sunlight, etc)...
* I have a problem with a company marketting it's product as "magical" or "innovative" when indeed it's last year's technology in a bigger case, with even more restriction(read: iPad)...
* I have a problem with a company dictating what I can and cannot do with a device that I paid for with my own cash (read: every Apple product)...

but most of all...

* I have a HUGE problem with the forcefed ignorance of a user who thinks that because they own said product, that it is the Alpha Omega product in which no other can compare. It is the end all be all of it's niche and to suggest an alternative will only encourage a barrage of condescending, ignorant, smug-filled blabber to give me a head ache.

The day Apple releases a product that actually passes a real QA phase by a qualified human instead of quadriplegic monkeys, doesn't tie you down more than a Class 5 mental patient, can be used in normal conditions like an 80 degree day, won't be forced into obsolescence by the company's own software updates, will play nicely with OTHER tech from OTHER companies, and is priced reasonably with regards to competition, is the day I will consider making my donation to the Church of Jobs.

“So far we have not seen a single Android device that does not infringe on our patents." -- Microsoft General Counsel Brad Smith

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