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Apple's market cap hits psychological milestone

While there is a bit of negative press surrounding Apple today (borked iPhone alarms), the future for the Cupertino giant is looking quite bright. The iPhone 4's expansion to Verizon Wireless is fast approaching (a fully supported Verizon "iPad 2" shouldn’t be too far behind), the Mac OS X App Store is launching this week, and Mac computer sales have been seeing an uptick over the past few quarters.

The company has now passed another “milestone” now that its stock has climbed to nearly $330 a share. As a result, the company now has a market capitalization of roughly $302 billion. 

If you recall, Apple's market cap was around $222 billion in late May of last year, putting it slightly ahead of Microsoft which was hovering around $219 billion. Microsoft's market cap today is $240 billion

For reference, Exxon Mobile has a market cap of $368 billion while Google sits at $193 billion

To back up the lofty $300+ billion market cap, Forbes' Eric Savitz says that Apple is projected to bring in revenue of $88 billion for the fiscal 2011, putting it ahead of Microsoft's estimated $68 billion. However, Apple is still expecting to trail behind Hewlett-Packard (est. $129 billion) and IBM (est. $99 billion) for fiscal 2011 revenue. 

With Apple expected to make a few waves in the form of new product in the coming weeks and months, it should be interesting to see if there is a ceiling to the stock's meteoric rise.

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RE: Very Interesting
By Tony Swash on 1/4/2011 9:34:55 AM , Rating: 2
CES will be in a few days. Of course the iPhone Apple's savior has been being eaten at slowly for a few months now. Dual core basically mini pc's are going to be all over CES with new Android, W7, BB, all kinds of other smart phones are going to be everywhere. The tablets will as well with expanded memory in ROM and Ram flavors, Tegra2, A9, and several other single and dual core processors, and input output of every kind.

I would say if Apple stock is that high sell it now, as it will decline slowly at first, and more rapidly as the year goes by. No it won't crash this year, I actually give them a bit more time than the last time they fell off the world. Either way even though they may have more market points and capitalization now, those also cost money to support.

So with multiple wounds to bleed from they will go down fast when they start to fall. Just like the last time they will start selling various divisions, and then patents. That will keep them afloat for some time. The problem for Apple is competition. Yes they may be strong or whatever, but when you alone hold a single position that is a market, and all your competitors are whittling away at that single point all together, you will almost certainly go down, just like 89 all over again.

I know I am going to get many people stating otherwise, and rating me down for saying this. Apple is nowhere near bullet proof, even though they are maybe stronger now than back then. You can fight an enemy singularly, but you cannot fight an Army singularly.

My view about the future of Apple is entirely different. I think that in a year (barring a general market melt down) their valuation will be significantly higher, Apple's revenues and profits will be much higher and they will be the more profitable than any other tech company.

I see no challenge to the iPod anywhere on the horizon, especially the iPod Touch.

The Mac sales will continue to outgrow the market and continue to dominate the high value added market segment meaning Apple will take a disproportionate slice of the desktop and laptop profits.

The iPad will remain the biggest selling tablet by far and Apple may well sell 50 million in 2010. There may be some distant Android competitor tablets but Windows tablets will tank.

The iPhone sales will double in size, again, and with an iPhone on Verizon Android phone growth will probably begin to taper off in the US.

No other company has anywhere near the same integrated production stack (from silicon to software to metal) as Apple and no other company has anywhere the same integrated services stack as Apple. The added value brought to Apple products by it's services stack is a powerful force and expect major development in this area in 2011 once Apple's new and vast data centre opens for business. Remember Apple bought Siri in April 2010. Join the dots.

So I intend to keep my Apple shares. I wish I had bought more.

Oh and one more thing. Apple will dominate CES and it won't even be in attendance :)

RE: Very Interesting
By atlmann10 on 1/4/2011 10:29:08 AM , Rating: 2
To tell you the truth I doubt it times three. As I had previously said, Apple having all the add on companies and technologies they have bought, while it does help for some things, it all also cost's extra capital. While they may in for another short term (year and a half maybe)gain more is also going out the other door as well. Not to mention, and as an example slates/tablets have caught on to some point, but have not really caught on big yet, with the iPad being the main seller right now. Everyone and there mother as well as brother will be introducing much more capable units of this type of device this year at CES.

Because of this development on applications for a slate device will grow, and most likely to a great degree. Much of this will be by small developers, and studios. However; these developments unless ported to IOS will not work on an Apple device. They will however work on any Android device across the board by any manufacturer. So an app that works on 100 devices Vs. an App that works on an iPad, iPod Touch, or an iPhone, and costs a small developer $10,000 to get on an i device, or is free to drop on an Android device.

They will start losing development other than there own, which is exactly what killed Apple last time. Not to mention one of the only reason's they maintained a very large portion of there desktop market then was because of Adobe (Photoshop specifically). I don't think Apple and Adobe are very good friends anymore though for some reason.

I am not saying they are going tom tank. I am saying year after year they will have smaller market share. It is written on the wall how it happened last time. While they have more market penetration now with iTunes/iApps all of this software still runs on one device. When as many are starting to see now the large customer base see's it as a niche market. Well then less customers buy it, less developers develop for it, and customers do not see you anymore.

When customers do not see you as a valid or attractive option anymore you are dead except for a very specialized market sector. While I stated in my last post Apple has more hands in different places market wise now. Those divisions/entities also cost more money to maintain as well. So there drop may not be as big or as fast this time around, but it will still happen.

RE: Very Interesting
By Tony Swash on 1/4/2011 11:45:52 AM , Rating: 2
What can I say man. I think you are wrong and you are wrong because like so many techie luddites you are obsessed with the past and think the future will just like the comforting past. It aint gonna happen dude. We could argue about this endlessly - lets see whose projections turn out to be more accurate. Here is my projection, in one year Apple will have 80% of the tablet market and 95% of it's profit. The year after will be the same.

"It's okay. The scenarios aren't that clear. But it's good looking. [Steve Jobs] does good design, and [the iPad] is absolutely a good example of that." -- Bill Gates on the Apple iPad

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