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Zuckerberg - Boy billionaire  (Source: Reuters) slips to second

Social networks are huge traffic generators. The big problem for Facebook and other social networks isn't how to get traffic, but how to take the massive amount of traffic they receive and turn those visitors into money for the site and shareholders.

Despite the issues with security and privacy that some users have with Facebook, the site is growing by leaps and bounds. Reuters reports that Facebook has officially beat out as the most visited website on the web. Facebook had 8.9% of all web visitors in the U.S. between January and November 2010 while grabbed 7.2% of all visits. The new stats come from online measurement service Experian Hitwise.

Facebook has been able to grow at an astonishing rate given the short six years that the site has been online. Facebook is the largest social network with roughly half a billion users around the world. During the time when Facebook was young, the largest social network was the now troubled MySpace and Google had the most visits of any site online.

Reuters points out that if you factor Google web properties like YouTube and the Gmail service into the picture, Google is the most visited site with 9.9% of web visits. Facebook would then be in second place with Yahoo and its associated properties in third with 8.1% of visits from U.S. online users.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg was also chosen as Time’s Person of the Year for 2010.

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RE: Must be something wrong with me
By Jedi2155 on 12/31/2010 3:19:49 PM , Rating: 2
As the social network sensation started going big right as I was starting to leave high school (2003-04) so I still had a rather large number of friends of acquaintances I wished to keep in touch with which these social networks have been extremely helpful in my endeavors. It has allowed me to keep up with my fellow associates and friends I've developed over the years that despite not having had the time or opportunity to physically go out and hang out with them, it would not be *awkward* to all of a sudden ask them if they'd like to catch up for a poker game or something 6 years later.

I would agree that it requires much less time and effort in maintaining friendships but it goes back to would you rather lose those friends forever (if you cared about them in the first place), or put in at least a little effort from time to time to not let the relationship go stale. That has been my perspective of Facebook and I never really understood all the negative viewpoints against the purpose of the site when it clearly has given hundreds of millions an easier way to access their relationships.

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