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Chinese J-20 spy shot
China has a new stealth fighter waiting in the wings

The Chinese government is spending heavily to increase its military might and is increasing spending on research into new weapon systems. China insists that it is no threat to other countries, but much of the world looks warily at the communist country and its growing power.

China's defense minister Liang Guanglie says that the country wants to modernize its military without foreign aid. Liang said, "In the coming five years, our military will push forward preparations for military conflict in every strategic direction."

Liang continues to say that China would advance its capability to fight and win future high-tech wars while boosting its conventional military arsenal. China is working on weapons that trouble some military analysts and military personnel in the U.S. with new weapons systems like the DF-21 missile which can destroy a U.S. supercarrier with a single hit.

Liang said, "We will stand on our own feet to solve the problem and develop our equipment. The modernization of the Chinese military cannot depend on others, and cannot be bought."

According to Liang, China is building up its navy, air force, and strategic missile forces. China is thought to be launching a new aircraft carrier as much as a year before analysts expected and the Chinese Air Force has a new stealth jet that has been seen recently in spy shots.  The Chinese stealth aircraft is called the J-20 and is thought to be aimed at the U.S. F-22 Raptor. Some reports have claimed that the J-20 is larger than the Raptor with more weapons and fuel capacity making some think that the aircraft may not be as fast or agile as the Raptor in a fight.

Defense News reports that U.S. Defense Secretary Ronald Gates will head to Beijing soon for talks with Chinese officials. The visit will undoubtedly be in part to talk about the fact that China is allied with North Korea. North Korea recently shelled a small South Korean island killing four people, including two civilians.

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RE: Made in...
By Mudhen6 on 12/30/2010 11:16:15 PM , Rating: 1
You do realize the T-34 and Sherman were vastly inferior to the german Tiger and Panther. The Me-262 was the only jet fighter and Germany was the only nation equipped with long range missiles at the time. And yet quality got them nowhere in the face of sheer numbers.

That's not accurate at all. The T-34 was not "vastly inferior" to its German counterparts, and the Sherman was only inferior to late-war heavy German tanks that were less mobile and suffered from reliability issues.

Sheer numbers was only part of the picture, and is almost never representative of what actually happened. If anything, the Germans lost because the war was essentially over by the time their new toys arrived - all their aces and veteran tank crews have been killed, leaving 15-year olds piloting German fighters against Allied P-51s.

Relating this back to a hypothetical conflict with China, the U.S. has F-22s - fighters that fly so fast and that are detected at ranges so small they may as well be invisible, allowing them to engage and disengage at will. Sheer numbers are ineffective (unless they can attack F-22s on the ground), and China has no equivalent.

The U.S. therefore will (eventually) win the air war, and will have a huge advantage over any subsequent ground/sea battle.

RE: Made in...
By bug77 on 12/31/2010 9:45:42 AM , Rating: 2
Oh really? Look here:
The soviets had 66% more tanks, lost 7 times as much as the germans and still the battle was a close call (von Mastein said he had an opportunity for a decisive breach towards the end).

Then there's this:

The not-so-inferior Sherman you talk about is the Sherman Firefly which was a British variant and only saw action in 1944.

The same logic you apply to the F22 has already been applied to the F4 (or was it F5?) when it was decided the plane was so awesome it wouldn't need a machine gun because it will never have to engage in a dogfight. It did.

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