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Sony A-Series Walkman
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Sony is tired of having its butt kicked by Apple in the portable audio market. The iPod has consistently thwarted any attempt by Sony to grab a foothold on the market even after several valiant attempts. Sales figures show that Apple sold almost twice as many music players in the first three months of 2006 than Sony did in all of the previous fiscal year. According to a top Sony executive, the company is ready to take another jab at the venerable iPod. Whether those punches deliver any serious damage remain to be seen.

Sony is hoping to launch the new series of players in time for the Holiday '06 buying season; right about the time when the company's highly anticipated PlayStation 3 is due to hit shelves around the world. The new music players also promise to focus heavily on design and battery life. From Digital Tokyo World:

Apple has a commanding lead in the music player market and is particularly strong in the U.S., where it's estimated to command more than 80 percent market share. Sony has tried to unseat Apple in that market before with little success, and its recently launched A-series Walkman digital music players are on sale only in Japan and Europe.

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Sony < *
By Spartan Niner on 5/1/2006 1:28:38 PM , Rating: 2
Sony was awesome... about a decade ago. Ever since then, the quality of their products and the quality of their software has been going down the tube.

Don't believe me?
Well let's see... dead PS1 (check), dead PS2 (check), dead Sony Walkman (check), dead 17" Sony Trinitron (check), crappy software (check)... omg so slow why does it have to convert to ATRAC, etc.

I've gotten burned on the Sony products I've owned, haven't bought a Sony product in about three years now. Their hardware quality is crap, and their software is *$@U*@U annoying. Now on the other hand while I dislike some of the things about the iPod I own, I have to give props to Apple for making it easy to use and very intuitive. That and my Samsung 15" LCD is still going strong 4 years later... my 17" Trinitron died in a year. Until they can lower their prices and start making quality products again, I won't touch their crap with a 10' pole. Samsung and Apple > Sony

RE: Sony < *
By JAS on 5/1/2006 2:54:02 PM , Rating: 2
Agreed. Sony used to be the gold standard in audio-video electronics. I don't know when the turning point was or how the quality of their manufacturing declined so rapidly. But the Sony of today is surely not the Sony of old.

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