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The U.S. Intelligence community now assumes hostile hackers, like Chinese intelligence agency officials, will eventually gain access to U.S. systems. It's now focused on blocking their beachhead, preventing it from gaining important information  (Source: AP)
Keeping enemies out is no longer good enough to protect our nation's networks

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RE: I've always wondered...
By tastyratz on 12/20/2010 10:27:05 AM , Rating: 2
Its also very complicated. Cant have your cake and eat it too - information sharing means sharing with more people and people are your biggest security hole (some being bigger holes than others)

The number of documents could easily be overwhelming it they all concern a specific individual or project.
I do however believe that your superior should be sent an immediate notification when a specific number of documents are retrieved, as well as that persons superior after another level has been hit, etc. A weighting system could be applied based on your level of clearance and the clearance required (for example, someone with secret clearance can open 50 documents with secret clearance levels, or 75 with confidential levels before setting off a page, and someone with top secret clearance might set it off with 50 top secret or 75 secret documents, etc)

Specific documents could be given a weight multiplier and once a threshold is reached the person is detained in the facility until their superiors approve.

I also think the allowance of removable media in ANY form on airgapped networks was an embarrassment to security professionals. MP should have been detaining and seeking explanation within 5 minutes of it being plugged in.

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