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Apple's iPhone is at the center of Nokia suit  (Source: Apple)
Apple hires some of the best IP attorneys in the country

Apple is gearing up for a massive legal battle against mobile phone industry heavyweight Nokia. Nokia is the largest phone market in the world while Apple has one of the most popular and profitable smartphones in the world with its iPhone.

The legal storm has been brewing for months and Apple is gearing up by retaining some of the best IP lawyers in the country to fight Nokia. 
Bloomberg reports that since 2008 Apple has been the most sued technology firm in the world. The legal team Apple has put together has been responsible for winning some of the biggest patent suits in the technology world.

Nokia sued Apple in October of 2009 alleging that Apple was infringing on several of its patents. Apple filed a countersuit of its own alleging the same thing. Apple claimed at the time the goal in the Nokia suit was to get Apple to turn over proprietary technology that sets the iPhone apart from the other smartphones on the market. Nokia denies the charges.

Attorney Lyle Vander Schaaf, who has handled IP cases before the ITC before says, "These are very well-known, deep-pocketed, high-end manufacturers. Usually you have one 800-pound gorilla going after a new entrant. Here you’ve got 800-pound gorillas fighting each other."

In addition to bringing in outside legal assets to fight the suit, Apple also has a new in-house attorney that specializes in IP, Noreen Krall. Krall was chief IP counsel for Sun Micrososystems and a staff IP attorney for IBM in the past. The other legal assets Apple has called in included Robert Krupa from Kirkland & Ellis. Krupa negotiated the settlement between Apple and Creative Technology in 2005 that had Apple pay $100 million to Creative.

William Lee from WilmerHale represented Broadcom Corp. in the legal fight against Qualcomm is part of the team. Apple also has Matt Powers from Weil, Gotshal, & Manges LLP that represented pharmaceutical giant Merck & Co in a patent case over its drug Singulair. Most expect the outcome of this suit to be a settlement between Apple and Nokia to license each other's tech. Rob Enderle from Enderle Group said, "It’s [the legal battle] going to get a lot worse before it gets better."

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RE: Hmm.
By xpax on 11/29/2010 8:09:59 PM , Rating: 2
Before the Macintosh there were no commercial available desktop computers like it. Afterwards, eventually, there were lots although they were not as good.

There are plenty that are far superior. At the time, it was a hobbled, overpriced machine with insufficient RAM, no hard drive or any of the other things people actually needed in a computer. There's a reason why the Apple ][ was the market leader and the Mac was an unmitigated disaster. Woz knew what people wanted, and unfortunately for Jobs, there weren't legions of mindless zombies who wanted to be TOLD what they needed. The original Mac was a half-baked idea.
Before the iPhone there were no commercially available smart phones like it. Afterwards, eventually, there were lots. It took a while for the Android team to abandon its previous design for their OS and design an iPhone clone.

Actually, there were many smartphones (WinMo, BB, Nokia), some touchscreen and some not. The only advantage the iPhone had was the App Store -- and you apparently choose to repeatedly forget that the App Store was an accident -- it only happened because developers demanded a way to develop native apps. Jobs only wanted you to use web apps. No other company was that blind. When the App Store took off, it was solely something they lucked into, plain and simple. Same goes for the iPod Touch beyond being a mere media player. As for the UI, it's not rocket science. There are only so many ways to invent the wheel.
Before the iPad there were no commercially available tablets like it. Afterwards there were some attempts to copy the iPad but they are not very good.

You mean there were no oversized media players with delusions of grandeur before it? You are correct. As for afterwards, well, considering we're less than a year from it's introduction, that's not entirely surprising.

Iterative design is not innovation, it's evolution.

"So if you want to save the planet, feel free to drive your Hummer. Just avoid the drive thru line at McDonalds." -- Michael Asher
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