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Chevrolet Volt window sticker
93 mpg on battery power, 37 mpg on gasoline power

After a cluster bomb that was unleashed yesterday when the Nissan Leaf was rated for an EPA estimated 99 mpg -- even though it is a "battery only" vehicle -- General Motors is dropping a bunch of digits on us when it comes to the EPA rating for its Chevrolet Volt.

According to the window sticker that will be plastered on all new Volts sold in the U.S., the vehicle is rate at an equivalent of 93 mpg when running on electricity, and a more sedate 37 mpg when the gasoline engine kicks in after the battery is depleted. This two figures combined give the Volt a "composite" rating of 60 mpg.

And here are some more numbers -- the Volt will have an official "battery only" range of 35 miles, while the total driving range (taking into account the batteries and the gasoline tank) will be 379 miles.

When the Volt was first announced, GM said that the vehicle would have a 40-mile range when running on battery power. The company recently revised that figure to 25-50 miles.

The Volt will go on sale later this month with a price tag of $41,000 before a $7,500 federal tax credit.

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RE: Not so stellar, but...
By Dr of crap on 11/29/2010 12:42:17 PM , Rating: 2
Why is it so hard for YOU people to understand -
IN most peoples eyes, I throw myself in there, they ARE the same.
Gas and battery powered
Limited battery range
HIGHER priced than a ICE car

The numbers game we need to looking at, and posted on here very well, is the COST OF ONWERSHIP.
It will take over 7 years to recoup the high cost of the Volt with reduced gas usage.
That's it. Plain and simple.
I can buy a used ( 2-3 year old ) 30/40mpg ICE car for $10,000-$12,000 and drive it to 200,000 miles, as I have with the past 4 cars I boughten like this, and THAT is how cost of onwership is reduced.
Those of us with kids and bills to pay won't go for $40,000 cars. It's not cost effective.
Saving the planet with battery power is not even second or third on my list!

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