Marc growth chart  (Source: Needham)
IDC used numbers in its esitmates that differed from Apple's own reports

Nothing brings out the love/hate geeks like talk of Apple and the company's products. Say what you will about Apple and how Steve Jobs and company operate, but the crew in Cupertino knows how to sell a product. The latest numbers for the computer industry are in from IDC and Mac fans will be excited.

According to the numbers, Mac shipments have grown at a pace nearly eight times faster than the competition in Q3 2010. Before Apple fans go dancing in the streets and Apple haters start bashing hardware one very pertinent fact is that the share Apple holds for the total market is still only 4.36%.

The market growth rate for Macs in Q3 was 28.5% while the industry average was 9.7%.
Fortune reports that the two main drivers of Mac performance of the quarter were business and home markets with Mac growing 25.3% in home market sales while the market overall had a growth rate of 10.4%. Perhaps a more important number to point out is that the Mac was the dollar share leader in the home market in the U.S. with 29.4% dollar share according to IDC.

Apple grabbing the dollar share lead with Macs during the quarter is very significant. This marks the first time since the Apple II that Apple held that distinction. However, there is some discrepancy in the numbers used by IDC for the average selling price of a Mac and the number that Apple reported itself. The number IDC used was more than what Apple reported and if you used Apple's own number the dollar share of the market for Mac's would drop significantly to 20%.

"There's no chance that the iPhone is going to get any significant market share. No chance." -- Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer

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