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Samsung Galaxy Tab

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Dear Santa, I want it all. Thanks.

Here we are again with Christmas right around the corner. It seems like I was posting this up just a few weeks back and here it's been a year already. There are many cool new gadgets that have hit the market this year and I would like to see a bunch of them under my tree. Here is a list of a few things I would like to see Santa cram down the chimney.

Sony PS3 

This was on my list last year and I didn’t get it. I guess Santa figured since I had the original PS3 I should be happy when other geeks that are less fortunate were going without a PS3 altogether. My kids left the thing running one too many times this summer and it finally died. I hope that Santa really will bring me this new PS3 this year and without the stupid Move controller please. 

Samsung Galaxy Tab

I already have an iPad and I really like it. The thing that I regret most about it though was that I didn’t buy the 3G version. I would like to get a Samsung Galaxy Tab with 3G. It’s not like I really need it, but I don't need six computers or closets full of gadgets either. I just want it. I haven't really spent much time with Android and the bit of time I did spend with it the OS seemed really cool.

Microsoft Kinect

I have had an Xbox 360 for a few years and I never play it. Some of you won’t appreciate this at all, but to me the PS3 is a much better system than the Xbox 360. Let the flames begin. As dumb as I think Move is on the PS3, Kinect has sort of grabbed my attention. I want it and that Kinectimals game mostly because my daughter is too damn cute for her own good and gives me the puppy dog eyes each time it comes on TV in the Kinect commercial. Moreover, if I had that so she was occupied, I might get some work done.

Adam's Dual Action Polisher Kit

I am a geek of many colors. I am a computer geek, a gaming geek, a science geek, and a car geek. Despite what I tend to write about all day, my preference is to be a car geek. I have a frackin' epic Mustang. It’s not green at all. I get like 12 miles to a gallon, but those miles go by really fast. The car is so epic the environment thanks me for my hydrocarbons. The reason I write about so many green cars is in hopes of converting you over because my Mustang needs the gas. Everyone thinks that their car is epic, mine really is. It's so epic that I took it to a car show at a Chevy dealer and not only did it win first place in a field judged by Chevy salesmen, filled with Camaros they sold -- it took home a trophy and they gave me $50 for the privilege of seeing it (true story). 

With an epic car comes a lot of cleaning and keeping things shiny, which is hard when the city seems to spend every penny they collect in taxes on gravel tops for roads that are already smooth. That means I need some power tools and cleaning stuff to keep the car shiny clean and scratch free. The thing I want most is one of the cool polishing kits form Adam's Polishes so I can keep my third kid all shiny and clean. It's sort of gadgety since the car is basically a big gadget and the polish kit has a power tool in it. If you disagree, just remember this is my list, neener neener neener.

Parrot AR.Drone

I like stuff that is remote controlled and I like my iPhone. If you combine those two, I am interested and that is exactly what the guys over at Parrot did with the AR.Drone Quadcopter. The thing is controlled by the iPhone and sort of flies itself. That is a good thing too; I have crashed more RC aircraft in my day than I care to think about. The only downside to this thing is Parrot appears to have lost their mind on the pricing. At almost $300, the only way I will ever own this thing is if Santa gets it for me.

Gran Turismo 5

I have waited years for Gran Turismo 5 to launch. This is the game that originally led me to buy a PS2 back in the day. I like the franchise and have been very much looking forward to the latest iteration since Sony starting teasing with little details on the title long ago. Finally, we know the game will ship this month, unless Sony delays it again for some reason. This will be one of the coolest racing games ever.

Call of Duty: Black Ops

I have been playing the COD franchise on the PC since the games first came out. I love these games and of all the PC games, out there this is the one I want most this year. I don't want the game even a little on one of the consoles in my house, its PC or nothing when it comes to shooters for me. This game has made a huge amount of money and it will certainly go down as one of the most popular games of all time.

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