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Mobile apps not popular for Netflix  (Source: Netflix)
Mobile users not interested in long-form video according to Netflix CEO

The number of mobile devices on the market today continues to grow – mobile devices like smartphones and tablet computers such as the iPad are booming in popularity.

Many consumers that own these devices use them for surfing the web and consuming media on the go. Netflix has a streaming offering that is very popular in the home with movies and TV content that can be streamed through device like the PS3 and to mobile devices like the iPad and iPhone. Netflix CEO Reed Hasting recently stated that the apps Netflix offers for mobile devices has had "very little" impact on business.

He notes that offering streaming on the PS3 and Xbox 360 had a huge impact on business for Netflix. He reiterated that the mobile apps the company offers haven't significantly affected Netflix's bottom line. Hastings also noted that Mac computers had a significant impact on Netflix business when streaming launched on the Apple devices.

These facts have lead Hastings to believe that consumers are primarily uninterested in streaming long-form video on mobile devices. The popularity of streaming on big screens shows the preference of consumers. Streaming media is a big deal for Netflix, Hasting considers the company a streaming firm that also mails DVDs

Hastings also commented on web-connected TVs while speaking at Web 2.0 Summit. Hastings figures that Twitter and Facebook will not see big gains in users from the uptake of connected TVs. He does expect about a third of the TVs sold to be web-connected this holiday season.

He went on to predict that be the end of 2012 just about all TVs sold would be web-connected.

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RE: Yes, but...
By Blight AC on 11/18/2010 12:32:17 PM , Rating: 2
A mobile app that lets me easily search & bookmark things I'm interested in while I'm on the go would be beyond amazing.

Who needs an app when a web page does this exact thing. However, the only issue is I can't easily drag and drop to arrange my queue. Adding that would be awesome.

Also, Movies app by Flixster allows you to browse movies, view trailers and add them to your Netflix queue.. although, it's kinda clunky on the Netflix side, it also allows you to view and sort your Netflix queue, unfortunately, it doesn't show availability of the items in the sort menu. So I can't see if an item is on a wait or if it will be released shortly.

RE: Yes, but...
By El Soze on 11/19/2010 9:21:39 AM , Rating: 2

I checked it out. It looks like it was made for blackberrys. Great for BB's, but not so awesome for touchscreens.

On my droid I go to the website and manage my queue from there. So I know it's doable, it's just slow and clunky. I'd rather have something that I can just pop open and find something quickly and then keep on my way.

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