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Mac lusts for PC's Blu-Ray ability.  (Source: Microsoft via YouTube)

Mac also seems to fantasize that he and PC are the female and male protagonists of Avatar.  (Source: Microsoft via YouTube)
"It's Blu-Ray -- it's built in," PC to awestruck Mac

For all the things Macs lack -- pre-installed FlashUSB 3.0, Blu-ray, and more -- you'd think that'd there'd be more clever commercials from Microsoft taking a jab at their fruity competitor.  While commercials like Laptop Hunters hinted at such things, they didn't just lay it out there.

Fortunately for Microsoft that's exactly what its new commercial does.  

In the commercial Mac and PC (laptops, not "guys", mind you) are flying aboard an airplane (conveniently named Windows 7).   As the pair settle in the PC fires up a Blu-ray movie --
Avatar.  Mac is awestruck.

"What is that?"

PC nonchalantly responds, "Oh it's Blu-Ray, it's built in -- you want to watch?"

Hesitant Mac ends of being sucked in to the awe of HD movies as he fantasizes of himself and PC as the female and male protagonists of 
Avatar.  Needless to say he ends up watching the whole film.

(We're not positive on this one, but the commercial may also have been making fun of the MacBook aluminum unibody cases' tendency to collect dust and grime, as the stewardess ask the Mac if it needs a dusting.)

So is it fair for Microsoft to be making fun of Apple's Blu-ray incompetence?

After all, on the one hand the standard is still very young.  While Blu-ray movies are becoming pretty ubiquitous, they're still more expensive (generally) than DVDs, and not everyone even has a Blu-ray player yet.

On the other hand, for a brand that brags about its media savvy, it seems odd to not to give customers access to the highest-quality video discs out there.  And the commercial isn't quite as in your face as the old "Get a Mac" spots -- it's more cartoony and cute.

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By name99 on 11/15/2010 4:57:16 PM , Rating: 2
This ad is, I'm sorry, dimwitted and stupid.

The reason Apple is not supporting BR is simple and obvious to anyone with a brain. Apple has concluded (rightly IMHO) that optical storage is where floppies were when the iMac came out --- an obsolete technology whose time is past, and the cost in weight, volume and power does not justify the constraints they put on system designers. The new AirBooks are only the first wave --- I suspect that the new round of MacBook pros will likewise debut with no optical (and thus thinner and a pound lighter), followed by optical free minis and iMacs. Will Lion be available on USB flash drive to all buyers? I suspect so --- and the result will be a vastly faster install than the crunch-grind-eek-crunch of an OS install off a DVD.

So, given what Apple sees as the future, why would they constrain themselves by supporting a newer, double-density floppy disk? The future is already pretty much decided --- buy a cheap USB optical drive to use for your existing stash of CDs and DVDs, but be aware that that is the way of the past.
(Or, if you prefer a different analogy, Apple doesn't ship computers with built-in printers --- you buy whatever external printer you want, and don't lug it around with the rest of your computer. If you sputter at the thought of a portable with a built-in printer, then ask yourself why it is so essential that a computer have a built-in optical drive.)

"A politician stumbles over himself... Then they pick it out. They edit it. He runs the clip, and then he makes a funny face, and the whole audience has a Pavlovian response." -- Joe Scarborough on John Stewart over Jim Cramer

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