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HTC Surround


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New OS from Microsoft finally gets put to the ultimate test

After months of speculation, a name change, a publicity stunt burying the iPhone and Blackberry, and an uncharacteristic press event held last month (followed by an unprecedented ad campaign that's been running since then), the cat is finally out of the bag today -- Windows Phone 7 devices are now officially available in the U.S.

Three devices are available from the Microsoft online store: the HTC HD7 for T-Mobile, the HTC Surround for AT&T, and the Samsung Focus for AT&T. Any of the three devices will run you $199.99 on a qualifying two-year contract. All three are comparable in terms of specs. They vary slightly in screen size (4.3" HD7, 4.0" Focus, 3.8" Surround), and the Surround sports a slide-out Dolby speaker for enhanced audio performance. 

Engadget has a full review of the HD7, which proclaims that though it is a solid piece of good-sized hardware, but its build quality is sub-par and the screen contrast and viewing angles are poor. The Focus, on the other hand, is like the WP7 version of Galaxy S. Success or failure of these devices will depend on what users think of the new OS.

The Dell online store is offering all three devices for only $149.99, and also boasts the full-QWERTY LG Quantum for AT&T (currently out of stock) for the same price. Prices fall to as low as $99 over at the Amazon Wireless Store.

Engadget is also reporting that the Dell Venue Pro, the device that Dell employees will be trading their Blackberries in for, will be available in Microsoft retail locations.

Initial sales, though not always an indication of how a product will do (see: Android and the T-Mobile G1), will undoubtedly be closely watched by Microsoft and its competitors. Here's hoping WP7 fares better than Microsoft's last big mobile launch.

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OS support
By AssBall on 11/8/2010 10:12:48 AM , Rating: 2
I think this launch will fare much better than the KIN. Let the guys who are good at making the hardware make the hardware. OS has always been MS strength.

If they can weather the android/rim competition, this OS will make for some nice versatile consumer and corporate phones. Especially if it'll work well in conjunction with Office and Active Directory. It could integrate uniquely with Ford NSync too to add functionality, and programmers have it nice with .NET portability.

RE: OS support
By tharik on 11/8/10, Rating: -1
RE: OS support
By Mitch101 on 11/8/2010 11:30:45 AM , Rating: 5
Ordered mine this morning. Going with the Samsung.

It sold out in the UK and Australia with a few days.

Has over 1300+ apps/games last I checked about a week ago.

Good hardware and minimum hardware specs guideline this time around on par with the droid.

Cut and Paste will be fixed in a few weeks although I have this on my Blackberry Ive never needed it. Same with the way the Phone 7 works Im not sure I will use it but better to have an not need.

It does Multitasking but not for 3rd party apps and the reason behind doing that was so that an Application cant drain the battery by running in the backgroud and second so that it cant consume all resources like previous Windows CE ran into causing the phone to run sluggish. Lessons learned and as an Owner and friends with Droids the first thing you load/learn is an app killer for just this reason.

From what Ive seen and tested very smooth device and web navigation is top notch.

The interface is very informative with my meeting information on the face of the device. I never have to log into the phone to get my next meeting like my blackberry forces me to do.

Love it has office integration. I manage exchange and sharepoint. Document checkout please.

I have the ford sync and it will be interesting I currently have my Zune 30 in the car on the USB and wireless turned on so it syncs with my PC when I pull into the driveway.

I have an X-Box 360, Media Center PC, and a Netflix subscription.

Im looking forward to My Microsoft Mobile 7 device sure it will have a few kinks but Microsoft is already making improvements based upon customer feedback from the UK and Australia launches. Works for me.

RE: OS support
By mcnabney on 11/8/2010 11:57:52 AM , Rating: 2
Shouldn't you get back to work fixing Windows Media Center?

RE: OS support
By Mitch101 on 11/8/2010 12:20:10 PM , Rating: 4
Why? My Media Center Works great and I control it using an XBox 360 controller and wireless adapter. Syncs all my TV recordings with my old Zune 30 which just wont die.

RE: OS support
By melgross on 11/8/2010 1:27:41 PM , Rating: 2
Selling out means nothing as we learned from the Palm pre debacle. Both Palm and Sprint were bragging that the phones were sold out everywhere, but it turned out that it was only because they hardly made any. Only 50,000 sold after the first week. As MS hasn't been releasing any sales numbers from those places, we have no idea as to how many they sold.

Here, in the States, reports are of lines in the places where there are any, at less than a dozen people, and no lines at MS's own four stores.

It may sell ok, but no blockbuster for sure. No pent up demand. I wonder if we'll hear some numbers at the end of the week, or next week. If not, then we will have to wonder why.

RE: OS support
By Mitch101 on 11/9/2010 1:59:28 PM , Rating: 2
Already selling out in the US. Amazon is starting to report 8-9 day delays and T-Mobile is occasionally posting out of stock.

Windows Phone 7 A Hot Seller

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