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Light Peak Demo  (Source: CNET)
Support for USB 3.0 by Intel could be as far out as 2012

Intel is an innovator in the computer market and has been for years, despite issues with anticompetitive practices around the world. Intel currently supports USB 2.0 and other connectivity like FireWire and eSATA in its mobile chipsets.

However, Intel has not offered support for the new USB 3.0 interface in its chipsets and the few machines on the market with USB 3.0 support are doing so using third-party chipsets. On-chip support for USB 3.0 from Intel is thought to be as far out as 2012. Intel is talking up its own much faster competing standard to USB 3.0 known as Light Peak. Light Peak first surfaced earlier this year and was thought to be coming in late 2010.

That date was later pushed and 
CNET News reports that Light Peak is now ready to hit the market by the middle of 2011. One industry source cited by CNET claims that support will come in the first part of the year, not the later part meaning it could be right around the corner.

Light Peak is much faster than USB 3.0 with speeds up to 10Gbps. Industry heavyweight Apple is not supporting USB 3.0 on its computers, but it is expected to fully support Light Peak and the thought is that Apple may even be the first computer maker to offer the tech on a computer. Intel has already stated when Light Peak was first unveiled that "Apple is an innovating force in the industry."

Officially Intel still has plans to support USB 3.0 reports 
CNET. An Intel spokesperson said, "We are absolutely committed to USB 3.0 and beyond that." Exactly when that commitment will start is the big question and it appears the start will be after Light Peak has time to take hold in the market.

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RE: anticompetitive
By omnicronx on 11/4/2010 12:18:31 PM , Rating: 5
Intel does not own USB, nor is USB3 itself an Intel specification.

RE: anticompetitive
By Loki726 on 11/4/2010 3:25:45 PM , Rating: 2
Perhaps intel does not own the specification, but it was instrumental in its creation. The specification is contributed to by 23 Intel engineers (more than from any other company).

Kok Hong Chan Intel Corporation
Huimin Chen Intel Corporation
Bob Dunstan Intel Corporation
Dan Froelich Intel Corporation
Howard Heck Intel Corporation
Brad Hosler Intel Corporation
John Howard Intel Corporation
Rahman Ismail Intel Corporation
John Keys Intel Corporation
Yun Ling Intel Corporation
Andy Martwick Intel Corporation
Steve McGowan Intel Corporation
Ramin Neshati Intel Corporation
Duane Quiet Intel Corporation
Jeff Ravencraft Intel Corporation
Brad Saunders Intel Corporation
Joe Schaefer Intel Corporation
Sarah Sharp Intel Corporation
Micah Sheller Intel Corporation
Gary Solomon Intel Corporation
Karthi Vadivelu Intel Corporation
Clint Walker Intel Corporation
Jim Walsh Intel Corporation

The other major contributors were from HP, Microsoft, NEC, and TI

RE: anticompetitive
By omnicronx on 11/4/2010 4:16:47 PM , Rating: 1
Where are you sourcing this from? I know for a fact you are incorrect as I've previously read the spec.

Texas Instruments had the most contributing members.

My I also remind you that there were almost 100 individual contributors, in which Intel accounts for only around 25% and is not even the biggest contributor.

Now as I've stated they completely wrote the book on how to implement USB3 themselves in a standardized way, but they don't really have anymore control over the USB standard than the other contributors.

Aside from implementation of course ;)

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