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Apple doesn't offer its customers free security protections like Microsoft, so Sophos is offering them instead.  (Source: YouTube/Apple)

Sophos' antivirus protects Mac users from many common threats.  (Source: Sophos/YouTube)
AV company steps up to the plate when Apple refuses to provide its users equivalent protections to Microsoft's

Sophos is offering Mac users a great deal.  As Apple has thus far refused to protect its users with free antivirus software, Sophos is stepping up to the plate, launching Sophos Anti-Virus Home Edition for Macs which will protect Mac users against "today’s and tomorrow’s Mac threats".

For all Apple's years of "Get a Mac" ads belittle the "virus"-plagued PC, it is Macs today that are relatively unguarded.  While their tiny market share has protected them in the past, a growing number of cross platform attacks are letting Mac users get infected, just like your average PC.

But the key difference is where Microsoft is very keen on protecting its users, offering free antivirus software (Microsoft Security Essentials) for Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7; one of the internet's best online vulnerability databases (Knowledge Base); and a wealth of malware removal tools.

Apple, by contrast, doesn't seem very concerned at all about safeguarding its loyal customers.  It has a glacial patching time and has basically pretended that Mac viruses don't exist, which has led many of its loyal fans to do likewise. 

But Mac viruses do indeed exist in the wild as some users can attest, and they are growing in number.  After all coding for the Mac is not inherently different from coding Windows apps -- and many security researchers argue that Apple's OS-level security is actually weaker than Windows'.

Apple has quietly advised its users to get an antivirus program, but has declined to offer them one for free like Microsoft does.

Chris Kraft, product management vice president at Sophos, comments to EWeek, "While most businesses recognize the importance of protecting their Mac computers from malware threats, most home users do not."

Sophos security expert Richard Wang adds, "Mac users must remember that less targeted is not the same as invulnerable."

The new suite will protect against the new trojan-worm Mac-Koobface variant, among other malicious programs.

The company sells a number of packages for businesses with Macs.  The cheapest is a 3-user, one year license priced at $136.50 USD.  That product competes with similar offerings from Norton and AVG.  It also competes with smaller third party offerings like iAntiVirus.

Any Mac users who commonly use OS X are strongly advised to grab Sophos' new freeware, if you don't already have antivirus protection.  The install will take approximately 150 MB of disk space.

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RE: not surprised by apple
By Luticus on 11/5/2010 12:29:27 PM , Rating: 2
Mac osx 10.6:
system preferences -> software update, check "check for updates" and set a schedule, check download updates automatically. It might not "install" them with out your authorization but it will download them and put them on your machine meaning the same exploit is technically "possible".

I've never heard of any virus/hacker exploiting the windows update system. in a corporate environment (and at home) i use wsus which is used to update all my windows machines (they sync with that server which in turn syncs with windows update and then my server filters things i don't want, and from there my machines grab their windows updates). In a standard user environment your given the CHOICE to enable automatic updates. You don't have to. Your also given the CHOICE to automatically install downloaded updates, but you do not HAVE to.

All the world has gone Unix except the boys in Seattle and there is a reason for that.

that's funny, because windows is still the operating system with the largest install base, and windows 7 is the fastest selling operating system of all time seconded by... wait for it... windows xp! unix/linux based environments aren't bad, i actually am a huge fan and really like them. What you're doing here though is promoting complete lies and BS. if you're going to knock windows at least come up with REAL flaws. What you've done here is show a complete lack of knowledge of the operating system and nothing more.

RE: not surprised by apple
By Tony Swash on 11/6/2010 3:25:14 PM , Rating: 1
system preferences -> software update, check "check for updates" and set a schedule, check download updates automatically. It might not "install" them with out your authorization ".

Exactly. In MacOSX nothing can get installed with out explicit use authorisation, in Windows it can. The difference is an indicator of fundamentally different security architecture. If it's possible to install software and make changes to the system without used permission then it is inherently less secure.

I've never heard of any virus/hacker exploiting the windows update system.

You know as well as I do that that that is not was is being argued. If it is structurally possible in an OS to escalate permissions to the level where software can be actively installed and run on your system without your permission then that OS is inherently less secure than one where such a thing is impossible.

In the end you don't have to do this sort of analysis to discover that Windows is the world's most insecure OS. Just use empirical evidence. Just count the number of real world exploits per OS. That's one area where Windows really does excel :)

RE: not surprised by apple
By Luticus on 11/8/2010 4:32:09 PM , Rating: 2
If it is structurally possible in an OS to escalate permissions to the level where software can be actively installed and run on your system without your permission

First of all you're talking about system UPDATES, second these updates do not have to be installed automatically. The user can choose to install them manually if he/she wants... You're splitting hairs.

By the way, convenient dodge to the REST of my post prior. Your article is still garbage even if this one simple fact is or is not true. All this arguing is irrelevant because of the fact that the article spends about 90% of it's duration comparing leopard/snow leopard to the days of MS-DOS/pre windows 2000, 10+ years in the past. That article is ridiculous and so are you for referencing it or even suggesting it as a viable argument. This is a pathetic attempt and I will go out of my way to call you on any further like it. I feel sorry for people who buy into garbage like this. You have to be the most biased individual I've ever met. I've met some crazy "mac fans" before but this garbage tips the scale. A computer is a computer, get over yourself. The product you happen to like is NOT the end-all, be-all, best thing ever! Every product has it's pluses and minuses and for someone so bent on pointing out all of Windows minuses you have managed to show none. I use Mac, Windows, and Linux (among others) every single day, and am very skilled and well versed in all of them. You CAN'T sell me a BS argument! If you're going to argue with me about the quality of a computer product you'd better know your stuff and you'd better be 100% right. No half baked crack head article will convince me otherwise. Unless you really know your stuff and are also 100% correct, I will call you on it... You can't win. This whole trick you do where you skim a post for it's "weak point", the spot you think you can exploit to make your next wild, insane claim... will not work, I will also call you on that! Very convenient, read a whole post and ignore all the good comments that shut down every thing you've said, then find the one thing you can build a case against and push that and only that... yea that's not going to work on me... If you're going to reply, reply in-full!

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