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iPad Holds 95% of Tablet Market
Dell will get into tablets in a big way in 2011

Anyone with eyes can see that the Apple iPad is dominating the tablet market today. This is in large part due to the fact that as of now there are still very few competitors on the market. That lack of competition is changing quickly though with tablets running Windows and Android due on the market soon.

Research firm Strategy Analytics reports that for the quarter spanning July through September the Apple iPad dominated the market with 95% of the tablet market. The market for tablets over the quarter swelled to 4.4 million units. The previous quarter was good for 3.5 million tablets according to the research firm.

Analyst Neil Mawston said, "The tablet wars are up and running. Apple has quickly leveraged its famous brand, an extensive retail presence and user-friendly design to develop the tablet segment into a multi-billion-dollar global business."

There are other tablets coming to the market that will run Android, Windows, MeeGo, webOS and the Blackberry OS making for many more choices over the coming months. Android is expected to be very popular on tablets and its scant 2.3% market share is expected to rise significantly in Q4.

While Apple is dominating the tablet market, other major brands are also looking to get into the tablet market. The world's number two shipper of computers - Dell - will be getting into the tablet market in a big way in 2011. This comes from the mouth of Dell CEO Michael Dell.

Dell said at an event in Hong Kong, "We're going to have a significant number of new tablets in the next year. There're lots of debate about the size of the market, who's buying these devices, and those questions always emerge when there's a new form factor."

Dell also noted it's easier to develop software for phones based on the Windows Phone 7 operating system than Android. There was no further explanation provided for the comment, so we'd be curious to hear the reasoning behind this statement.

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RE: Short Lived
By slashbinslashbash on 11/3/2010 1:30:20 PM , Rating: 2
Well, yes, but you can't just square the diagonal to get the area... doesn't work that way. The ratios would be the same if we were dealing with perfectly square screens, but the areas would not (a 7" diagonal square screen would have an area of 24.5 square inches, not 49 square inches; and a square screen with a diagonal of 10" would have an area of 50 square inches, not 100). But these tablets have 4:3 ratio screens, which throws things off a bit.

The iPad has a 10" diagonal and is in a 4:3 ratio, so we are left with a 3:4:5 right triangle, giving the iPad dimensions of 6"x8" or 42 square inches. A 4:3 screen with a 7" diagonal will have a screen of 5.6"x4.2" or 23.52 square inches. This is 56% the size of the 10" screen. So I was off by a bit when I said "twice the size" but close enough.

If you look at the dimensions you will see that you can fit roughly two 5.6"x4.2" screens into the area of a 6"x8" screen.... it will overlap slightly in one direction (8.4 > 8), but be slightly shorter in the other direction (5.6 < 6).

RE: Short Lived
By inighthawki on 11/3/2010 3:03:53 PM , Rating: 2
6"x8" is 48"^2, not 42. Thus it is 23.52/48 = 49% the size (see my above post). To double surface area, multiply the diagonal by sqrt(2) and since 7*sqrt(2) < 10, a 7" diagonal (same aspect ratio) must have less than half the surface area.

RE: Short Lived
By slashbinslashbash on 11/7/2010 8:32:05 PM , Rating: 2
Oops, brain fart. Thanks for the correction.

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