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Relaunch will steer away from social networking.

As the popularity of Facebook and other social networking sites continue to grow, the visitors to MySpace, a website that helped put social networking on the map, is steadily on the decline.

When compared to the same period last year, the number of MySpace visitors dropped by 18 percent in September. The site has seen its numbers decline every month since March according to market research company comScore.

That is why the social networking company is now taking steps to revamp itself.  Instead of connecting its members with friends, the site will connect users to media.

MySpace chief executive Mike Jones said that the News Corp-owned property is no longer seeking to compete head-on with social networking company Facebook, and is recasting itself as a complimentary service that he hopes the 35-year-old-and-under crowd will flock to to stay abreast of the hottest music and videos. 

The new Myspace is content-heavy and will focus on music, movies, games, and videos.   Visitors to the site will now be able to subscribe to entertainment news feeds, content hubs, personalized streams and a discovery tab.

A  new welcome page has been added showcasing the rank and popularity of content featured on the site as well as personalized content based on user interests. Members will have access to a new interface aimed at making the site easier to navigate and the customized personal pages will have a more uniform structure and theme. 

MySpace will also reward members who share video and other content with "badges" that appear on their personal pages.

The test website became available to some users today.  Full access will be made available to everyone by the end of November.

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