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Ford Focus EV  (Source: Ford)
Focus EV will be offered in limited numbers for 2011

The focus of much of the automotive industry today is on the development of hybrid and full electric vehicles. Some of the companies like GM and Nissan are already fielding EVs and hybrids.

Other car brands like Ford are taking a more cautious approach to the EV and hybrid market. Ford has several hybrid vehicles on the road today and plans to offer full electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids over the next few years. 
The Detroit News reports that Ford exec Sue Cischke outlined Ford's electric vehicle timetable at an electric car even in Washington.

Part of the details that Cischke revealed included the fact that the all-electric Focus that is expected in 2011 will not see significant production numbers until 2012. She said, "We had always said 2011, which we'll still do, but I think you'll see more of the concentrated volume in 2012. Right now, we're getting ready to provide a little bit slower entry."

Cischke declined to offer a specific number of Focus EVs that will this the roads next year, but did hint at the number. She claims that the initial production volume of the Focus EV will be in the middle of the production numbers of the Volt and the Nissan Leaf. GM has already stated that it intends to build in the 10,000 to 15,000 range the first year of the Volt and Nissan plans 20,000 of its Leaf EVs the first year.

Cischke said, "I think it's going to be somewhere between the two when we first start out. Certainly, if it was very popular, we'd be able to get more batteries and do what we need to do."

She also talked a bit about the driving range of the Focus EV stating that the 100-mile driving range number is necessary because the battery packs will degrade over time. That statement hints that in some conditions the range may be higher than 100 miles. Cischke said, "You need to have some margin there."

She also noted that Ford plans on watching how GM and Nissan market their EVs and will learn from their wins and losses. Cischke also noted that if the Focus EV proves to be very popular in the first year, Ford can get more battery packs and increase the production numbers as needed to meet demand.

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RE: GM has an EV?
By gregpet on 10/20/2010 10:10:11 PM , Rating: 2
This makes no sense. What part of "electric vehicle" means it has to only run on electricity. The Volt is an EV for 40 miles - then it's range extender allows you to continue driving. You can be an electric vehicle AND hybrid - they are not mutually exclusive...

So by your logic if you had a switch that turned off the range extender the Volt would then be an EV?

The Volt hating (aka GM hating) on this board is getting silly. If there are any intellectually honest people out there that want to learn about the Volt and the truly impressive technology (possibly disruptive technology) go to: GM-Volt DOT com

Its a well written, technically honest blog about the Volt.

RE: GM has an EV?
By WhatDoIKnow on 10/21/2010 8:47:23 AM , Rating: 2
It is not what the car runs on, it is what it CAN run on.

An EV has ONLY a battery, nothing else, therefore it is an electric vehicle.

The Volt is just like a Prius, albeit with a larger battery, but it will run on battery power OR ICE. That makes it a hybrid. Otherwise, by your definition, the Prius is also an EV as it can go up to 2mi on battery alone.

RE: GM has an EV?
By gregpet on 10/22/2010 1:47:16 PM , Rating: 2
If you consider a car that runs at 2 mph a practical car - then yes it IS an EV....

The volt runs for 40 miles (EV!) at highway speeds (75+). Any comparison to a Prius just shows the ignorance of the poster - totally apples to oranges....

RE: GM has an EV?
By Dr of crap on 10/21/2010 8:48:03 AM , Rating: 1
I'm sorry, but do you work for GM?
The VOLT is not revolutionary in any sence of the word.
It's basically a Prius but costs more.

You can spit out any of those stupid marketing words you want, this is NOT a car to brag about.

When the buying public as spoken with it pocket book a year from now, we'll see if this is a hit or flop!
I see flop. I'm not a hater, just realist.
GM has done nothing new here, they just are marketing it as something great and it's not!

Stir up the pot, make them wait it and alot will wait it. It's just the herd mentallity.
After that dies down, everone will be back to NOT wanting it!

RE: GM has an EV?
By gregpet on 10/22/2010 1:42:41 PM , Rating: 2
You, sir, are an idiot.

"Well, we didn't have anyone in line that got shot waiting for our system." -- Nintendo of America Vice President Perrin Kaplan

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