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Toyota RAV4 EV will debut in prototype form in LA next month  (Source: Toyota)
Tesla will make EV gear for the RAV4 EV set for 2010

Toyota was one of the pioneers of hybrid vehicle technology around the world and the company's technology was so good that it was licensed to other carmakers for use in their hybrids. While Toyota sells boatloads of Prius' around the world, other makers are hard at work on battery and EV tech that is making its way to the public.

Toyota made an announcement in May of this year that it be investing $50M into Tesla Motors and that the two would work together to produce electric vehicles at the NUMMI plant. The first fruits of that joint venture have been announced with
Autoblog Green reporting that Toyota and Tesla had inked a $60M deal that will see Tesla provide the components needed for the RAV4 electric vehicle.

The deal surfaced in a Toyota regulatory filing this month that showed Tesla will be developing the battery, power electronics module, electric motor, gearbox, and software for the Toyota RAV4 EV. The first prototype of the electric RAV4 will be seen at the LA Auto show and the vehicle isn’t expected to be commercially available until 2012. Hard specs on the RAV4 EV and the electric drive components being developed for the car are not available at this time

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RE: Toyota Outsourcing?
By TheRequiem on 10/14/2010 4:40:22 PM , Rating: 2
Being that it was a joke, it should be noted that what you say is correct. However, Toyota became a target of Media attacks simply because of the poor performance of the American Auto Industry in a time of financial ruin. this obviously helped American Auto's increase their sales. With that said, I don't think they need to be sued up the ying-yang like they currently are.

RE: Toyota Outsourcing?
By nolisi on 10/14/2010 4:54:02 PM , Rating: 2
Interesting perspective, but we'll have to leave this at conjecture rather than fact.

Toyota is still highly regarded in terms of quality, further, those who gravitate to foreign brands usually don't consider American brands whatsoever- there are enough high quality foreign (and more specifically Japanese) makes to flock to if one becomes problematic.

And there have been enough "media attacks" criticizing American car makers for focusing on flashy large vehicles as opposed to reliability and smaller vehicles.

The media likes to sensationalize, period, whether it's American or Foreign makes of vehicles. Almost every automaker has gotten theirs from bad press, and now it's Toyota's turn. This has nothing to do with the American media trying to help out American automakers.

RE: Toyota Outsourcing?
By tng on 10/16/2010 1:24:58 PM , Rating: 2
And there have been enough "media attacks" criticizing American car makers for focusing on flashy large vehicles as opposed to reliability and smaller vehicles.
It is not the "media attacks" that bothered me, after all the media is the media. They do what they do and we all by now realize that if a news story can be sensationalized to last longer they will do it.

What bothered me was several radio spots ran by GM last year during Toyota's troubles. One of the spots featured someone who has supposedly just dropped Toyota for a new GM car. In a 30 second spot the word "Safety" was used no less than 8 times. I personally look upon this type of "piling on " by GM as akin to the type you see during a political campaign, sleazy and low.

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