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Apple now owns 10.6 percent of the U.S. PC market

Detractors of Apple's Mac computers often point to the machines' relatively high price of entry and small market share when looking at the overall PC market (Microsoft still dominates thanks to a plethora of Windows-based machines). However, when compared to other PC manufacturers, Apple is doing quite well (at least in the United States).

The latest statistics from IDC show that Apple has now moved into third place for PC shipments in the U.S. Apple's shipments grew a whopping 24 percent for Q3, which gave Apple 10.6 percent of the market. Dell's shipments actually dropped 4.9 percent giving it a 23.1 percent share of the market, while HP's shipments increased 2.7 percent to give it 24.3 percent of the market and first place overall.

Acer and Toshiba took fourth place and fifth place respectively.

Even though HP and Dell each more than double Apple's U.S. market share, Apple has the high-end covered. Apple owns over 91 percent of the $1,000+ PC market which has helped to fuel its record revenue growth.

"Apple's influence on the PC market continues to grow, particularly in the U.S., as the company's iPad has had some negative impact on the mini-notebook market. But, the halo effect of the device also helped propel Mac sales and moved the company into the number three position in the U.S. market," said Bob O'Donnell, IDC's vice president for Clients and Displays.

When it comes to global sales, Apple doesn't even register in the top six. For Q3, the top global players were HP followed by Acer, Dell, Lenovo, ASUS and Toshiba.

"Despite a sluggish start, the quarter ended with a good rally in September which could be a good prelude for what is ahead," said IDC research analyst Jay Chou. "Lower PC component costs, budding excitement around new media-centric form factors and continued business buying should still make for a competitive holiday season.”

The good news on the Apple front comes on the same day that shares of the stock closed above $300 for the first time in the company's history.

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Perhaps the most profitable PC maker?
By jmunjr on 10/13/2010 7:50:13 PM , Rating: 2
Due to the high cost of the of PCs I bet they are the most profitable PC maker.

RE: Perhaps the most profitable PC maker?
By xaders on 10/13/2010 8:15:57 PM , Rating: 5
If Apple so rich & profitable why aint they helping the poor/helpless around the world like Bill Gates. Even Facebook Founder & CEO donate money to help out even if we dont know how much he is worth. Steve Jobs is laughing all the way to the bank and Apple is are not the center of the universe!!

RE: Perhaps the most profitable PC maker?
By MeesterNid on 10/13/10, Rating: -1
RE: Perhaps the most profitable PC maker?
By knutjb on 10/13/2010 10:51:38 PM , Rating: 2
The question was about Steve Jobs, not apple. Bill Gates and FB what's his name donate out of their own pocket, Jobs? I don't know if he does. Many wealthy donate silently so as not to attract attention.

RE: Perhaps the most profitable PC maker?
By B3an on 10/14/2010 2:50:28 AM , Rating: 2
LOL @ the thought of Jobs donating his own money. As if.

By lothar98 on 10/14/2010 5:20:03 AM , Rating: 2
But just imagine if he did ... and the swarm followed in kind.

RE: Perhaps the most profitable PC maker?
By robinthakur on 10/14/2010 7:07:00 AM , Rating: 2
I'm not sure why you would LOL, since you (or I) don't even know the guy. What he does with his own money is none of our business, in point of fact.

By Samus on 10/14/2010 12:55:14 PM , Rating: 1
The global sales say it all. American's are stupid enough to buy their crap.

RE: Perhaps the most profitable PC maker?
By Spivonious on 10/14/10, Rating: 0
RE: Perhaps the most profitable PC maker?
By Gio6518 on 10/14/2010 1:45:36 PM , Rating: 2
My usual response is I gave at the IRS

RE: Perhaps the most profitable PC maker?
By Taft12 on 10/14/2010 11:37:12 AM , Rating: 2
This article is about PC hardware sales, which is not MS' business.

By slashbinslashbash on 10/14/2010 6:52:18 PM , Rating: 2
Ok, first off. Steve Jobs owns less than 1% of AAPL stock (0.7% was the latest number I could find). This comes to about $2 billion today, but a year ago, it was under a billion. In 2003 it would have been worth only $32 million. Remember, Steve Jobs left Apple for a number of years and then came back -- and AAPL shares fell very far during the time that he was gone. I don't know how many shares he might have had at one point, but he's had less than 1% since he's come back as CEO. In contrast, Bill Gates has been with Microsoft for the whole ride and has kept his ownership very high. Bill Gates owns roughly 7% of MSFT, and that is after giving a lot of it away. That comes to about $15 billion.

BillG started the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in 2000, which also happened to be the year that he resigned as CEO -- which also happened to be the year that MSFT shares peaked at almost $60/share (now at $25/share, been trading in the $20-$30 range for a while).

AAPL stock is rising like crazy. It's just insane. Apple will probably be the biggest company in the world, based on market value, pretty soon. Just plain nuts! (And this is coming from from a guy who loves his Macs and who also owns shares of AAPL). Unless you think a charity could achieve a similar return on investment, you come to realize that it’s actually better for Steve Jobs to keep his money for now and give it away later as long as he’s creating such huge returns on his personal wealth. IMO, this is why folks such as Gates and Warren Buffett waited until close to the end of their careers to donate to charity. Mark Zuckerberg gave away a bunch of money as a pure PR move -- doing it right as the movie was coming out was no coincidence. (It was really a pretty dumb way to spend it too, IMHO. He should have given it to the Gates Foundation, it would have done more good there.)

"Steve Jobs is laughing all the way to the bank" -- LOL. Seriously? Do you really think he has any way to spend all the money he has? Once you strike it really rich (say, $10M+ net worth, more or less) you simply start having trouble spending all that money. That is why the rich make donations. They build buildings on university campuses (e.g. T. Boone Pickens, Ross Perot), create universities outright (e.g. John D. Rockefeller, Cornelius Vanderbilt, Leland Stanford), create foundations for medical research (e.g. Howard Hughes, Bill Gates), create public libraries (Andrew Carnegie)... the list goes on and on. The above list comprises some guys who were the greediest mofos around in their day, but their money still lives on and creates undeniable good in the world (the Howard Hughes Medical Institute spends roughly half a billion dollars per year to fund research at universities -- watch "The Aviator" again and think about that as you watch it -- yes, he lived a lavish lifestyle, but even so, he couldn't possibly blow that much money, and his money outlived him).

Steve Jobs is too busy right now creating wealth to spend time sitting around and figuring out how to give it away. There is a reason why BillG take the Foundation very seriously and treats running it as a full-time job. It is one!

By msheredy on 10/15/2010 11:06:52 AM , Rating: 2
Bill Gates is a philanthropist—Steve Jobs isn't. That's why.

"This week I got an iPhone. This weekend I got four chargers so I can keep it charged everywhere I go and a land line so I can actually make phone calls." -- Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg

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