Stick this 16GB of flash capacity in your wallet!

Flash memory maker PQI has taken 16GB of flash memory and jammed it into a 3mm thick, credit-card sized package and claimed it to be the world's slimmest flash media. With dimensions of 85 x 54 x 3mm the U510 is an ideal product for those looking to add a few gigs to their wallets.

First introduced at CeBit 2006 in March, PQI's U510 features a retractable USB 2.0 interface which is also backwards compatible with USB 1.0. As most flash drives are, the U510 is also Windows and Mac compatible which expands the target market for such a device.

Pricing has not yet been released on the U510 from PQI, but considering current 16GB USB-based memory sticks go for no less than $500 and up to almost $2000, we can bet on it being no less than a 'G' baby!

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