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The alleged Palm Pre 2.  (Source:

Updated Android Market.  (Source:
Pre 2 to boast 1 GHz processor, same form factor as original

Last week, we reported that a new Palm device, the Mansionwas in the works. The device was slated as the follow-up to the Palm Pre and would feature a touchscreen-only form factor, webOS 2.0, and a 800 x 480 resolution screen.

Things on the Mansion front got a little interesting yesterday, when the French carrier SFR posted photos and specs of the Palm Pre 2 on its website. While it looked like the carrier would be leaving the info up, the webpage is no longer available, casting some doubt on the credence of the information. Regardless, plenty of blogs got to it in time to document what SFR claimed was to be the new device from Palm. 

According to Precentral, we can expect a 1 GHz processor (possibly the TI OMAP 3630), 512MB of RAM, webOS 2.0 (which supposedly means half the boot time), and higher quality materials. The Pre 2 sports the same design as the current Pre with the touchscreen and slide-up QWERTY keyboard, which means that the Mansion is possibly a completely different Palm device. This assertion is further boosted by the fact that SFR listed the codename for the Palm 2 as "Roadrunner".

No mention of pricing or availability was made.

In other non-Windows Phone 7 newsAndroidCentral has gotten tips that a number of users still on Android 2.1 -- and even 1.6 -- received a software upgrade over the weekend (meaning no prompt to download and install) that updated the Android market. The updated market boasts a sleeker interface, the ability to update all apps, and allows automatic app updates. If you see the new market but never upgraded to Froyo, well, here's hoping you'll be able to update to Froyo soon. Until then, enjoy the added functionality of the market.

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And people put up with this?
By Shadowself on 10/12/2010 9:45:35 AM , Rating: 2
...users still on Android 2.1 -- and even 1.6 -- received a software upgrade over the weekend (meaning no prompt to download and install) that updated the Android market.

If I read this correctly the software update was downloaded into their phones and installed without *any* action on the user's part other than having the phone on and connected to their service provider?

Why would anyone consider that acceptable as a standard practice?

What if the new software were buggy? Are they going to back it out without telling me too?

What if I want to wait a week or so before downloading new software to see what the user community thinks of it?

What if I prefer the old variant (assuming it is still functional)?

People using the 1.6 version may have had a reason for maintaining configuration contol at that specific state. No notice (or ability to opt out) totally obviates this.

If this is going to be the standard practice in the Android world, I'm never going there.

By theapparition on 10/12/2010 9:56:56 AM , Rating: 1
Relax skippy. You should know by now not to trust the DT article word-for-word.

It means the updated was automatically downloaded, but it still prompted that it was going to be installed, as far as everything I've read so far indicated that to be true.

In the carrier world, most force updates, possible not right away, such as some prompt you to install and you can delay. But at some point, almost all carriers force those updates. It's not an Android thing, it's a carrier thing.

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