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Two bootrom exploits, two jailbreak solutions; only one can survive

Today was supposed to be the big day for GeenPois0n, an iOS 4.1 jailbreak tool based on the SHAtter exploit. However, Geohot dropped in to steal the show yesterday with the release of his own Limera1n tool.

The problem comes from the fact that Geohot's Limera1n tool uses a different bottom exploit than the one that was supposed to be released today based the work of the Chronic Dev Team and the iPhone Dev Team. Since Apple likely wouldn't release a new hardware revision for current generation devices to block the bootrom exploit, it would be useable until Apple releases its next generation iOS devices.

Instead of releasing two separate bootrom exploits in short succession, giving Apple the opportunity to kill both of them at once when the latest crop of iOS devices are released, the Chronic Dev Team has made the decision to delay its SHAtter-based exploit and instead release a new tool based on Geohot's implementation according to Redmond Pie.

The Chronic Dev Team states:

Thanks to the irresponsible antics of geohot, we will have to delay the release of greenpois0n (new ETA = as soon as possible), so that we have time to clean up his little mess and integrate the exploit he uses in limera1n into greenpois0n. This way, we can save SHAtter for future devices that may still be vulnerable to it.

We know that this is not what some people want to hear, but due to geohot needing to feed his ego (as usual) and revealing his limera1n exploit, we do not have any other responsible options.

The Chronic Dev Team seems especially peeved that Geohot's Limera1n is simply a beta release and has plenty of bugs in it, and that it was seemingly released a day before GreenPois0n just to steal the spotlight. In addition, Geohot's jailbreak only works on Windows-based machines -- for now.

But the good news is that a jailbreak solution for the iPhone 4 and iPod touch 4G is now available, albeit in less than optimum form. If you want to take your chances and use Geohot's solution, you can grab it here (Windows-only). However, it may be a safer bet until GreenPois0n is updated to take advantage of Geohot's exploit.

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RE: Call me crazy but...
By kake on 10/11/2010 3:52:16 AM , Rating: 2
Brandon, I'm curious as well. The app store for the iPhone is very well stocked. Flash is beginning to become seriously overrated (and underneeded) as far as video sites go. The antenna issue is a bit of a non-issue, and any issue people have with a physical keyboard is not going to ever be resolved with Apple. Pretty much anything you need comes preloaded or is available. Gentleman, what is the problem with the iPhone?

To note, I do not own a single Apple product. I have, however, used extensively an iPhone 3G and 4, as well as a current MacBook Pro. Each of these products I find exceptionally easy to use, good looking, and thoughtfully built. I just happen to be 'poor', willing to build my own Core i3 media center, and not need web access on the job (phone-wise).

RE: Call me crazy but...
By BruceLeet on 10/11/2010 7:10:41 AM , Rating: 4
Gentleman, what is the problem with the iPhone?

It's all a bit of tug of war for all ego's involved. There is actually nothing wrong with anything.

Lord Jobs doesn't want his magical devices tampered with.

Devs/hackers want to show they are good at writing code and/or breaking it.

And the consumers, who in the end want to feel CONTROL over a device they paid for.

RE: Call me crazy but...
By theapparition on 10/11/2010 11:18:55 AM , Rating: 2
Gentleman, what is the problem with the iPhone?

As stated, the lack of customization of the platform is a huge downside of the iPhone. Simple things like the unified notification tray make the Android platform much easier to use.

But to answer your question in another way, the iPhone is like a Toyota. Sure, there's been a few issues in the media lately, but there's not anything particuarly wrong with most Toyotas. But at the same time, for the same price or less (phone wise) you can also buy Mercedes or BMW or Ferrari. So why settle for that Toyota when you could do a lot better for less money.

RE: Call me crazy but...
By Donkey2008 on 10/11/2010 2:54:11 PM , Rating: 2
And they say iPhone owners are self absorbed. Yikes.

To use your logic, most iPhone owners are out driving their Toyotas. They go offroading (ever see an FJ?) or go street racing, yet still drive their daily commutes to work effectively. By contrast, most Android owners have their BMWs or Mercedes parked in the garage and they are too busy "customizing" the radio to ever bother with actually driving it. People actually use iPhones instead of just customizing the desktop 90% of the time.

I cannot count how many times a supreme Android owner has showed me how their phone makes "transformer" sounds or how cool their animated wallpaper is. Heck, on at least 10 occasions I have had an Android owner show me how it plays Youtube videos "because it has Flash and iPhone doesn't", without even realizing their own ignorance of the capabilities of iPhone. At least when an annoying iPhone owner is showing me a new app they installed, it has some use other than eye candy.

Sorry, but this whole "open platform" thing has yet to pan out. If and when it does, Android will have a better platform, but for now the iPhone provides much more useful experience for the average user. If you are a high-level user, jailbreak your iPhone in 5 minutes and you have an open source market equal, if not better, than the current Android market.

RE: Call me crazy but...
By Chocobollz on 10/12/2010 4:33:02 AM , Rating: 2
If you are a high-level user, jailbreak your iPhone in 5 minutes and you have an open source market equal, if not better, than the current Android market.

Good, and 5 minutes later, Steve Jobs wakes you up from your dream.

RE: Call me crazy but...
By bfellow on 10/12/2010 9:54:22 AM , Rating: 2
If Justin Long jailbreaks his phone, then obviously every "I'm a Mac" person should jailbreak theirs!

"My sex life is pretty good" -- Steve Jobs' random musings during the 2010 D8 conference
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