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More content at launch for Google TV  (Source: Google)
Google is exploring ways to advertise on Google TV

Google is set to try to take over the TV in the same way it has taken over search online with its Google TV offering. The search giant has announced some new launch partners for its Google TV service that wants to bring the web into the living room with set top boxes, and with its software embedded into some internet-capable TVs.

The new launch partners that Google is announcing for the service include NBC Universal and Amazon. The service will include NBC's CNBC Real-Time, which is an app that lets users get real time access to news, stocks, and more. Amazon will offer its Video on Demand network to users of the service.

Google TV is going to be a platform for content companies with Google providing access to any content on the web on your TV rather than taking the same tact Apple uses with the new Apple TV offering and only allowing access to a limited part of the web. When Google TV launches it will be limited to the Revue set top box made by Logitech. 

The Google TV platform is integrated into web-capable TVs in conjunction with Intel, who makes the chips for some of the web TVs. The
Wall Street Journal reports that some media companies are expressing concern over whether Google will be able to compensate them providing access to their content in a manner that could cannibalize their broadcast offerings.

Google has also stated that it is in talks to offer Hulu Plus access via Google TV.

One of the ways that Google is looking to draw content owners to Google TV is by placing their shows along with its search results. When a user searches for a specific show, the Google software would offer up a list of episodes that are scheduled to air or are on the air when the search is made.

Naturally, Google is also looking at ways to sell ads on the Google TV service. Google reports that advertisers have approached it about ads on Google TV, but at this point it has no specific plans.

Google TV was officially announced in May.

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RE: better be in it for the long haul
By kattanna on 10/5/2010 12:37:57 PM , Rating: 2
The move towards searching for and viewing online content is inevitable

now that i do agree with, though its still pretty slim pickings out there. legally that is.

Once people experience GoogleTV, they will see how primitive the TV programming guide is. Look at it - it's a "spreadsheet"

yes, but will that be worth $229 to people? some yes, but enough to make it take off? im not seeing it.

i see directtv is a partner as well, and IMO it will be far more interesting when it is directly integrated into their DVR's. And i also think that if there is any signs of success of google TV then you will see the same functionality come to your PS3 and Xbox 360's.

i seriously dont need YET another remote for a separate item to watch TV.

now i get the whole google tv thing and think it is an idea that has finally found its time, seriously, but given how crappy the economy is right now coupled with corp americas inability to see long term, im just not sure this willnt amount to anything more then a fancy apple tv kinda thing. used by a few, but ignored by the masses.

By PsychoPif on 10/5/2010 1:08:04 PM , Rating: 2
Console already have many streaming services like Netflix and soon Hulu.

Google's not inventing anything here, they are just trying to include themselves in the race.

RE: better be in it for the long haul
By acase on 10/5/2010 1:50:39 PM , Rating: 2
Well the logitech box that will run it has their harmony system built in and there will be an app so you can control your whole entertainment system with your iphone or android phone. So really, you won't need any of your remotes.

"We’re Apple. We don’t wear suits. We don’t even own suits." -- Apple CEO Steve Jobs
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