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Apple opens up availability of its popular iPad

Apple's iPad has been a huge success for the company. The 9.7" device -- which is available in 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB capacities in both Wi-Fi-only and 3G versions -- has reinvigorated consumers' interest in tablet devices and competitors are readying their entries into the field.

IPads have been selling at a furious pace, and after only initially being available in Apple Retail Stores, Apple's online store, and Best Buy, Apple is now spreading the wealth to and Target.

Target will also start a new promotion on October 17 which will give Target credit card holder a 5 percent discount on the purchase of any iPad. For those that purchase a 64GB iPad Wi-Fi, that would amount to a discount of $35.

Those who purchase from can get a "discount" of their own -- that is if they live in a state where Amazon doesn't have a business presence -- thanks to there being no sales tax on the purchase price of an iPad. However, if some states have their way, this is a loophole that will be soon closed.

Apple's iPad will be receiving an update this November which will bring it in line with its iPhone and iPod touch siblings. IOS 4.2 will bring third-party multitasking, folder support, and wireless printing to the iPad.

RIM has announced its oddly named "PlayBook" which is being marketed as a business tablet. The device features a 7" display, dual-core Cortex A9 processor, 1GB of RAM and runs the BlackBerry Tablet OS. Likewise, Samsung is close to releasing its 7" Galaxy Tablet which runs Google's Android 2.2 operating system.

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RE: I wonder...
By themaster08 on 10/6/2010 2:09:58 AM , Rating: 2
But what is the criteria for success. Just selling a lot of stuff doesn't make you a success - as Nokia is discovering.
Microsoft have created a fanbase with the Xbox 360, and something that will keep customers coming back for more in the shape of Xbox Live. Most people would agree that its online capabilities are second to none in the console arena, of which Sony is now trying to emulate.

Microsoft have also been working on other ways to make the Xbox 360 even more compelling - newer models, Kinect, Halo Reach...

MS have invested billions and made millions. Even if Xbox sales growth continues at the current rate (unlikely but possible) MS will need another two decades of sales just to recoup the capital it has invested.That makes no business sense.
Proof? The Xbox 360 has sold over 42 million units. Now that it is profitable, it will continue to be so.

The new model is cheaper to manufacture, Kinect will draw the attention of those that are buying a new console, or those that just want something different. Xbox Live continues to be a huge success and new game releases will simply capitalise on that.

If the Xbox was a stand alone product and company it would have gone bust. The fact that MS has a mountain of cash from its cash cow ageing product lines such as Windows and Office means they can carry such a dire performance but it doesn't make the Xbox a business success.

Sony are still making a loss on the PlayStation 3, does that mean it's a failure? No. It spawned the penetration of another market: Blu-Ray, just as Microsoft have penetrated the online gaming community.

I guess by dire performance you mean the second best selling console of this generation (so far), the creation of a loyal fanbase and an online gaming platform that is top notch.

It doesn't sell in enough numbers to do that, integration with other MS products is poor (although it has slowly improved) and crucially MS has few other products to take forward a living room strategy.
Are you kidding? Have you ever even used an Xbox? The media streaming capabilities from a Windows computer are outstanding, and always have been. Many people purchase an Xbox 360 for this reason alone! There is integration with Zune and the upcoming Windows Phone 7.

MS is not a consumer or device company, deep down they don't have a vision for the living room just a vague notion (like the sleep walking monopolists that they are) that they want to take over the living room and make lots of money. How they would make a lot of money is pretty vague and thus they have no strategy. This means that MS doesn't have a viable strategy to exploit the Xbox success. So as a strategic investment the Xbox fails.

You should probably take a look at this:

Microsoft's vision isn't about floundering your living room with pretty, mass consumer-oriented devices like some fruit branded company. Their vision is to incorporate technology into everyday life - both work and home, to make life easier and more productive.

The sad fact is that after two decades of trying to diversify if you took away Windows,Office and Servers and Microsoft had to run a business based on everything else they do do they would be a small floundering company with poor profitability teetering constantly on the edge of financial losses.
That's just an absolutely absurd statement. Network/client operating sytems and office tools ARE their business. That's like saying Lexus would be a failure if they didn't sell cars!

Where would Apple be without Macs and iPods? they would be another small time, on-the-virge-of-failure player, just as they were before the iPod was released.

As you know, before Jobs made his return to Apple, they were a failing business. Their products failed to grab enough attention and market share in order to be competitive. They were in dire straits. They were forced to penetrate new markets in order to survive!

So with the return of Jobs, a lawsuit and the use of Microsoft's money, they released the iPod, which fortunately for them, was and still is a huge success.

However, Microsoft's main products have always been hugely successful, removing the need to penetrate new markets, and giving them the ability to experiment. What's so sad about being able to successfully sell your main products?

Compare and contrast this to Apple which in the last decade has entered three entirely new (for Apple) markets (music players, phones and tablets) already full of established and large competitors, completed disrupted and reshaped those markets and made gigantic profits in each of them. Thats what being successful looks like.
As I've already mentioned, Apple were forced to penetrate new markets because their initial plan was an absolute failure.

The only contrasting fact is that Apple had to diversify, Microsoft haven't.

RE: I wonder...
By Pirks on 10/6/2010 9:42:55 AM , Rating: 2
oh boy, so many words... you could have refuted Tony's statements with one short phrase: "AppleTV was sold in tiny numbers and is a failure after billions sunk in its development"

learn to be concise, like myself :P hehe

"There's no chance that the iPhone is going to get any significant market share. No chance." -- Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer

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