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Sending carbon to their roots to become soil carbon could sequester it for centuries

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and Oak Ridge National Laboratory researchers claim that global warming can be fought through the use of genetically altered trees and plants.

The leaders of the study – Christer Jansson, Stan D. Wullschleger, Udaya C. Kalluri, and Gerald A. Tuskan – believe that creating forests of genetically altered trees and plants will remove "several billion tons of carbon" annually from the atmosphere, ultimately helping in the battle against global warming.

Researchers plan to increase the efficiency of these trees and plants' natural processes that allow them to remove carbon dioxide from the air by transforming it into "long-lived" forms of carbon. They would like to do this first in vegetation, and eventually in soil. 

Genetically altering trees and plants' absorption of light isn't all these researchers are looking to do, though. In addition, they'd like to make it so that these plants send more carbon into their roots as well, which would transform some of it into soil carbon. This could stifle the carbon and keep it from the air for centuries. 

Researchers are also genetically altering plants to "better withstand" the complications of growing on marginal land in order to produce improved food crops and bioenergy. This could increase the amount of carbon plants take in from the air significantly. 

The combination of genetically altered trees and plants sending carbon to its roots to be put to rest for centuries along with improved bioenergy and food crop production could yield results that are beneficial to fighting global warming and its consequences. 

This study was published in Bioscience.

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By sleepeeg3 on 10/1/2010 8:05:42 PM , Rating: 5
I am going to take the unpopular solution and say burn all the trees. When we are all still alive, only then will the hippies realize that global warming is a crock.

Fact: ~98% of the CO2 is consumed by plankton and stored in the ocean - we technically could survive without trees. Plankton is much less huggable.

As for CO2? Temperature increases CO2 levels - not the other way around:
How else do you explain that 800 year lag that pro-global warming scientist hide from their graphs? Oops.

RE: Solution
By lolmuly on 10/2/2010 9:03:01 PM , Rating: 2
We could theoretically survive without trees, but we are destroying the ocean pretty quickly....

RE: Solution
By dark matter on 10/3/2010 11:51:21 AM , Rating: 2
If you burnt all the tree's you would be left with a very acidic ocean and no plankton.

RE: Solution
By JediJeb on 10/4/2010 5:52:18 PM , Rating: 2
But the ash from the burnt trees would leach out caustic soda when it rained on it and that would wash into the ocean and neutralize the acidity, problem solved.

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