The Nintendo 3DS will go on sale in Japan near the end of February, for approximately $300 USD.  (Source: Nintendo)

Built in "Mii Studio" software will autogenerate your Mii using snapshots of you taken by the handheld's cameras.  (Source: Nintendo)
Apps will be served up via virtual console, live streaming video also will be trialed

Nintendo's upcoming Nintendo 3DS handheld promises all the glory of 3D-TV without the goofy glasses.  Fresh off the success of the Wii, Nintendo is looking to the major redesign of its best-selling Nintendo DS line to hold off hungry competitors like Apple's iPhone.

One of the device's key features (besides the 3D display) is a trio of cameras.  All three cameras are a relatively low resolution (0.3 MP, 640x480 pixel VGA), but the two rear ones will be capable of recording crude 3D video, an impressive feat for a handheld.  Photos can also be exported as QR Tags (barcodes) to allow for easy sharing.

Now Nintendo has spilled some more details about how the single front-facing camera will be use.  In a video Nintendo shows a person snapping a shot of their face.  The 3DS's software then automatically converts the picture to a Mii icon for use with Nintendo's multiplayer games.

And Nintendo has at last confirmed an official ship date for Japan -- February 26.  The new handheld will be priced at ¥25,000 (around $298 USD) and will come in aqua blue or cosmo black.  The handheld will make landfall in the States and Europe in March, though Nintendo still hasn't announced an initial date for that launch yet.

Video game site 
IGN claimed last week that the new Nintendo 3DS will pack two 266MHz ARM11 CPUs, a 133MHz GPU, 4MB dedicated VRAM, 64MB RAM, and 1.5GB flash storage.

Nintendo also announced that through a partnership with Fuji TV it will offer streamed 3D video to the device.  And it also announced that it will have an app store -- similar to Apple's for the iPhone -- which will vend out old Game Boy and Game Boy Advance titles.

Does that mean that the Nintendo 3DS will have a 3G modem?  Nintendo is keeping tight lipped on the topic.  It has already announced that it will support Wi-Fi, but has remained silent on the topic of a broadband modem, which many developers are demanding.

Some other interesting things worth noting is that the video showed the 3DS appearing to be using background multitasking -- or at least saved states.  The video also showed a new home button, that can be used to access web browsing and more while in game.  The video also showed an e-book app, a note taking app, and augmented reality games.

It will be some time before Nintendo spills all its secrets of the upcoming device, and longer still before it launches.  In the meantime Nintendo is offering a special edition Super Mario DSi XL (identical to current hardware), launching for ¥18,000 in Japan on October 28th.  Nintendo is also working on a new Wii Remote Plus.

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