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The list of things that Windows Phone 7 can't do grows

Windows Phone 7 is shaping up to be more memorable for the features that it lacks rather than what new functionality that it brings to the table. The latest feature to be dropped from Windows Phone 7's spec sheet is tethering.

Some sites were reporting earlier in the week that the mobile operating system would support tethering due to comments made by Brandon Watson, Director of Windows Phone 7. However, a Microsoft spokesman contacted Boy Genius Report today to state that Watson was mistaken and that “Windows Phone 7 does not support tethering."

Microsoft's next generation mobile operating system, which recently went RTM, also lacks copy/paste and third-party multitasking. Both were features that Apple was long criticized for when the original iPhone launched in 2007. It wasn't until 2009 that the iPhone received copy/paste functionality, while full multitasking and tethering (in the U.S.) didn't show up until this year.

Microsoft's first iteration of Windows Phone 7 appears to be seriously lacking when it comes to basic smartphone functionality, but Microsoft still has time to add features at a later time. Microsoft has stated in the past that it wanted to make sure that the initial release of Windows Phone 7 was near perfect, and that things like copy/paste and multitasking could wait until a later date (possibly v7.5).

However, Microsoft has stiff competition in the smartphone market given dominate players like RIM, Apple and Google. Apple's iPhone has taken a nice chunk out of smartphone sales globally, and Google's Android operating system is dominating the sales charts in the United States -- Microsoft can't afford to be conservative this time around.

Despite Windows Phone 7's shortcomings and the presence of stiff competition, Microsoft has still boldly predicted that its latest mobile OS will crush the competition. The boys from Redmond held a mock funeral for the iPhone and BlackBerry earlier this month complete with caskets.

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RE: U R Funny People
By bill4 on 9/26/2010 8:39:21 AM , Rating: 2
You must be European. Only Europeans seem to think Backwards ass Nokia phones are cool :0

Seriously the N8 looks already underpowered compared to major phones like Droid X, Evo, and Galaxy S. Not even to mention it will have some horrible Nokia OS that also lacks apps.

I just got rid of a nokia 5800 a while ago, horrible phone. I'd rather use a cheap dumbphone. Horrible browser, nasty resistive touchscreen, the phone was just torture. Upgrading from that to a Captivate was an unbelievable difference.

But seriously, name one area the N isn't already seriously underspecced, never mind the lack of a decent OS? 3.5" screen? Way too small nowdays imo, and thats the most important spec on a phone. Does it have a gorgeous samoled like my Capty? Does it have a blazing SGX 540 GPU, and 1 GHZ CPU at least? Well no, not that either...

About the only thing I'm sure you'll reply with is the 12 MP camera, well big whoop, megapixels dont determine how good the camera actually is anyway, and the camera is just an minor use of your phone, a side feature, not near as important as say a big screen. The 5 MP cam on my Galaxy S is great, just going to show all these MP's aren't needed.

RE: U R Funny People
By Penti on 9/26/2010 1:37:01 PM , Rating: 2
Well he can't be a smart phone guy. Even Nokia is miles away from where Microsoft's at now. QT framework, POSIX-support, advanced features and Java ME. No problem with multitasking, running native apps, run apps from outside an app store, or running apps in an none-native code environment like a Java ME VM. How could you argue that WP7 will be a success when it can't even match Symbian from years ago? WP7 will not even be able to compete with Samsung's Bada OS. So how exactly would it be enough? An S40 phone certainly can't compete with real smart phones why should MS be able to do it then? Just mail and a browser isn't enough, it needs to be a decent browser (new webkit och Gecko that is), mail client needs to be good, mail client should be upgradeable and it needs to support simple stuff like attachments. Stuff that MS can't handle yet. People don't just want a browser, apps are way more useful then the browser and a browser needs to be good. It not only needs a media player for music it also needs to support stuff like Spotify, Pandora etc, which works best when some multitasking features are there.

Simply WP7 will suck a lot of juice requiring high-end hardware but deliver no high-end features or even anything the last gen WM OS could, delivering no familiarity or continuance. At least S40 and Bada can run on low-end hardware. Still can deliver more of a user experience. It's simply not enough.

N8 is just a step on the way though, I don't care for MPs and it only counts when it's a decent camera, the N8's is OK. It's a good ground to build from, just not really a flagship device. But certianly good enough that it can't be compared to silly WP7 devices. Kin should have showed you that you can't deliver an incomplete product without apps even if you have decent hardware and "facebook" support. Turning WinCE into a featurephone platform just doesn't work. And a feature phone with smart phone hardware is just a bad idea. Masses will not buy the 600 dollar devices needed to use the zunified device. Zune doesn't even exist here in Sweden and never will if I'm correct. Basically syncing with the Zune app will be the only feature of the expensive device and music playing is fine on 100 dollar phones now, even online services such as Pandora or whatever. If you like anything more low end that actually means syncing up with your music app, then I'm sure some $50-100 dollar S40, Samsung, SE, LG with their proprietary stuff built on own tech/interfaces and third party software etc device would do fine, or a future 80 dollar Bada OS phone. A $600 dollar WP7 phone just don't compete with them and it won't run on the $50 hardware. WP7 simply don't fit in the category for the masses and they have lost all business appeal so it can't compete against BB either, and it's too incomplete to compete against it any way. People want to do more on a high-end phone then to listen to their Zune music and make phone calls, which is why the WP7 strategy won't work. It can do less then the above posters old useless 5800. The development environment might look good in theory but they are too late.

It might be more successful later but not at launch. I mean, they don't have proper facebook support even, the "mix" concept will fail, Zune integration will fail in most places of the world, it's not better for office files then any other phone it's actually worse for editing documents, it doesn't have a decent email app/client and so on. It's just a framework with no apps to be the base of the OS. The WP7 hardware requirements mandated by MS will make it fail as it won't be some easy accessible device for the masses. Software are primitive even by old Symbian standards. It doesn't even have a modern browser, updating the old rendering engine might not be enough.

Would your really pay $60 a month or whatever to use a WP7 phone if it's that incomplete? Of course not. I'm sure people want more then their live mail mails and Zune music.

RE: U R Funny People
By robinthakur on 9/27/2010 9:30:57 AM , Rating: 2
Well I'm from the UK and can categorically tell you that using a Nokia phone would be like going back in time, having used the iPhone since 2007. Nokia have been hampered by their own arrogance and inflexibility, unwilling or unable to match the iOSs and Androids of this world by their adherence to a OS roadmap which should have changed when the original iPhone made their OS look like the dated dinosaur it is. Sony Ericsson took the hint and are slowly getting to grips with Android, but their brand is pretty devalued still from the olden pre-iPhone days.

In a way Nokia are in a similar place to MS this time around, playing catch up with a brand new OS (Maemo and W7 respectively)

Resistive touch screens, The Ovi store, Comes with Music, the N96, N97 and the rest of their marketing initiatives have been shabolic and expensive failures, and Nokia Dev's must be watching App Store developers jealously, reaping the benefits without a horribly fragmented target market of incompatible OS's and frustrated yet undemanding users. The only thing masking what a big hit Nokia has taken is that they never have really sold vast volumes in the US, it's mainly the rest of the world, otherwise they would have lost more market share.

MS is, IMO, looking at another expensive failure with WP7. The market simply doesn't want further fragmentation right now with yet another platform to develop for, it's really getting silly. It is now between iOS and Android with RIM increasingly on the side. If MS could have wrangled backwards compatibility into it that might have helped a little bit, but they are effectively starting from scratch again with an immature platform seemingly apeing Apple from 4 years ago, and hoping to build on the Zune brand which has been a monumental failure despite some nice recent hardware (it's not even released in the UK). The problem is that they do not have the luxury of Apple's position in the market or their profitability, and the goal posts have significantly shifted in all this time that Microsoft has effectively not had a presence in the mobile market. Microsoft is battling just to even stay in the game this time around, and their platform is not even launched yet. How clueless and disconnected must their management be exactly?

"This is about the Internet.  Everything on the Internet is encrypted. This is not a BlackBerry-only issue. If they can't deal with the Internet, they should shut it off." -- RIM co-CEO Michael Lazaridis

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