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Nokia's Anssi Vanjoki
Exiting Nokia exec guns for Android

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By robinthakur on 9/22/2010 9:08:23 AM , Rating: 2
I can see why this might become a problem for the handset manufacturers (especially as Gingerbread won't allow hardwired skins) trying to differentiate their phones. In your model, people would read reviews of all the different skins, establish quickly which one was best and then only buy that one. Would people really be prepared to pay for them? I don't think so. There's also the loss of face for a company like Motorola to see its name on a product running a competitor's OS skin (i.e. not exactly advertising the brand) which flies in the face of all its previous instincts because it makes their customers more promiscuous to other brands if its just about the hardware.

However, even right now there are only one or two 'best' Android phones, with the rest being largely forgotten to people that know what they're talking about e.g. HTC Desire, Droid2, Galaxy Pro. The danger for manufacturers like LG, is that their new device won't factor within the top echelons and will therefore get quickly forgotten unless its heavily subsidised by carrier deals etc. You then get phones being released more frequently to constantly improve on the specs of the competitors' efforts, but somebody still needs to purchase all these handsets for the companies to turn a profit on all the R&D, otherwise the piece of the pie which the manufacturers can take home gets unaccceptably small. This works well for a smaller company like HTC who can turn around a product very quickly to market, but for the rest, its going to be a problem, in my view.

From the power users which Android attracts, you also have the pressure that they generally don't want *any* differentiators, operator logos or much customisation of the core Android OS which they can't easily remove, in which case, Google's model of only selling phones like the Nexus 1 through them would be a better fit than the current free-for-all.

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