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The iPad finally gets up to speed when it comes to OS releases with iOS 4.2
Apple releases the first beta for iOS 4.2

It was just a few weeks ago that Apple made iOS 4.1 available to iPhone and iPod touch users. The mobile operating system also later showed up on the fourth generation iPod touch.

Today, however, Apple is making available the first beta release of iOS 4.2. The big news for iOS 4.2 is that this will be the first release that will bring the iPad in line with the iPhone and iPod touch when it comes to software releases. As a result, the iPad will finally gain multitasking, folders, and a unified inbox for the Mail app among other things that iPhone and iPod touch users have been enjoying for months.

In addition, iOS 4.2 brings the following features:

  • The ability to search actual websites with Safari
  • AirPlay multimedia wireless streaming
  • AirPrint wireless printing for all iOS 4.2 devices

“AirPrint is Apple’s powerful new printing architecture that matches the simplicity of iOS—no set up, no configuration, no printer drivers and no software to download,” said Apple's Philip Schiller. “iPad, iPhone and iPod touch users can simply tap to print their documents or photos wirelessly to an HP ePrint printer or to a printer shared on a Mac or PC.”

IOS 4.2 should bow in completed form this November.  

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I love my iPad
By saarek on 9/16/2010 5:31:41 AM , Rating: 3
People, most of whom I imagine do not own and have not even tried an iPad like to knock it.

For me I wouldn't want to live without it.

I spend an average of 3 hours a day on the train, I also spend around 30 hours a month on planes flying to offshore branches of the company I work for to liase with them.

I use my iPad to read the Times Newspaper, watch movies, read books, play games, browse the internet, check my personal email as well as give powerpoint presentations when required.

Could a notebook do all of the above and more? Absolutely is the correct answer. But and this is the important part people, I don't use the iPad as a replacement for my MacBook Pro, or my company issued Dell notebook.

When I need to do serious work or play (StarCraft II is awesome BTW) I use my notebooks.

For everything else I use my iPad, it's light, fast, rarely crashes, is virus free and has a long lasting battery.

I no longer need to lug my Dell to France or Germany, I simply chuck my powerpoint presentation onto my iPad, it converts it automatically and off I go.

I wish people would stop looking at what the iPad does not do and would start looking at what it DOES do.

RE: I love my iPad
By Aloonatic on 9/16/2010 5:51:28 AM , Rating: 2
I think you have something of a point, people like to bash Apple because, well, they and their smugger (is that a word?) customers can't help but boast and make ridiculous claims. Is almost impossible to resit it when so many open goals are presented too.

It seems like you're a more sensible Apple user though (I'm not trying to sound patronising by the way), and it works well for you. The thing is, you love your iPad for what it does, but when an alternative comes out that does the same things as you list bellow, and probably a whole lot more, will you then move over? If not, then that is when you start to wander into more easily mockable (I am just making up words as I go along now) territory.

Saying that it's good for what you use it for too is great, but really, some of the things that it doesn't do are silly, as this update shows. In saying that, I find it hard to bash it to be honest as, well it's the only real option out there at the moment. So, as you point out, even though it might not do a few simple and obvious things, at least it exists, so it does do/is useful for a whole lot too, and there is clearly a market for it.

I was one of the few here who argued that there would be a market for the iPad when it was first talked about and released, even though I'd never buy one myself. Probably cost me a fraction in my comment average comment rating, but there you go. It's good to see that it's made your journeys more bearable/entertaining and less hard work.

RE: I love my iPad
By bysmitty on 9/16/2010 12:20:00 PM , Rating: 2
Hey, if I spent as much time idled by transportation as you, I'd think it was a great device too. Personally though, I spend an average of .5 hours a month on planes and an average of 0 hours a month on trains. Until I get my self driving car, I just don't need an in-between device such as this. When I'm home I've got proper computers and laptops and if I do happen to run into little bits of downtime when I'm out an about, my smartphone has me covered. I just don't have a use for anything else though. I'm certainly not faulting your opinion, you sound like a perfect candidate for an iPad or other tablet, but just pointing out that most of points on why it is so great aren't applicable to most people.


RE: I love my iPad
By chick0n on 9/17/2010 7:27:00 AM , Rating: 2
and that moron think its so great. Tablet is nothing new and its been out for almost 10 years.

Talk about failed.

RE: I love my iPad
By Aloonatic on 9/19/2010 11:53:55 AM , Rating: 2
Why do people keep on saying that it failed?

It's sold plenty, and there are plenty of competitors scrambling to make their own version of the iPad.

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