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Symbian is, and will remain, most popular mobile OS for foreseeable future

Despite some recent shakeups at the the very top of Nokia's executive level, the Finnish telecom company has unveiled three more Symbian^3 devices on its official blog to join the N8.

First up, the Nokia E7, a touchscreen with a slide-out QWERTY keyboard that is "billed as the ultimate business smartphone" according to Nokia. The E7 sports a 4" touchscreen with Nokia's own ClearBlack technology for improved outdoor performance. It also boasts an 8 MP "snapper," as Nokia calls it, with 720p video support and 16 GB of onboard memory. It comes with HDMI-out and Dolby Digital Surround Sound support.

On the business side, the E7 will support Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync, along with "business grade device lock and wipe functionality, secure intranet access and remote device management." In addition to Exchange, the device will also pack Microsoft Communicator Mobile and Microsoft Share Point Server, with free onboard turn-by-turn navigation thanks to Nokia's Ovi Maps.

Impressively, the E7 measures in at a svelte 13.6 mm thick, thinner than even the keyboard-less EVO 4G and only 4 mm thicker than the iPhone 4.

The E7 will come in five colors and will be available in Q4 of this year for a full-retail price of $495 EUR (about $640 USD).

Next up is the first of two new C-series phones, the C7. The C7 will boast a 3.5" AMOLED touchscreen, 8-MP camera with 720p support, 8 GB of onboard memory (plus 32 GB expandable microSD), and free navigation. The C7 measures in at a mere 10.5 mm thick. It will be available before year's end in three colors for a full-retail price of $335 EUR (approximately $430 USD).

Finally, the C6-01 is almost identical in specs to the C7, but slightly more compact with a 3.2" AMOLED display. It, like the E7, will also integrate Nokia's ClearBlack technology for improved outdoor visibility. The C6-01, launching before the end of the year as well, will come in silver and black, and will run $260 EUR ($335 USD).

With the new devices, Nokia will have four Symbian^3 devices on the market before the end of 2010. And while the N8 is the last N-series device to support Symbian, and despite Nokia's struggles in the smartphone market, Symbian is expected to remain among the top two dominant mobile operating systems at least through 2014, PCMag reports. As recently as last month, Symbian claimed to sell 50 percent more devices per day than Android.

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