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Get ready for the Rumble Pit.

One of the most celebrated first-person shooter game series is coming to an end -- but not without a bang.  Giveaways, midnight release parties and other special events are scheduled for the direct prequel to the Halo trilogy; Halo: Reach

The yet-to-be-released game is already earning rave reviews and will be available in stores on Tuesday, according to 
Joystiq and

The science fiction video game franchise has been a run-away success for Microsoft Xbox and Xbox 360.  The game, created by Bungie, began with the release of
Halo: Combat Evolved in 2001 and was followed by Halo 2 and Halo 3. 

The prequel takes place in 2552, after the fall of the human-colonized planet Reach.  The game follows the six special ops Spartans of the Noble Team as they begin their fight against the Covenant, the alien militant alliance who have targeted the humans. 

Highly focused and detailed, 
Reach offers more autonomy in the game and provides new maps and visuals like Forge World, which allows players to build a world they envision; and weapons like the long-range Designated Marksman Rifle which takes down enemies with one shot. 

Reach instead of playing Master Chief, Noble Team observer, the player can choose to step into the role of a Noble Team member.  When the Campaign ends the user can remain "in character" throughout all of the game modes.

The game designers have upped the ante for multiplayers as well with Firefight, Rocketfight and Gruntocalypse.  Gamers fight through battles and are rewarded with mini-events.  
Reach will be made available in Standard, Limited and Legendary Editions. The standard version is $59.99, the limited edition is $79.99  and the legendary edition is $149.99 

Fans can receive a token to unlock a Spartan Recon Helmet, by picking up the game on launch day.  More information can be found here.

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RE: Don't buy games on pre-release reviews
By TSS on 9/13/2010 5:17:18 PM , Rating: 3
The flashlight mod took away exactly that what made doom 3 a good game.

I always say, no matter how scary a game is, you feel alot safer when you've got ye ol' shotgun. Doom 3 completly eliminated this feeling of safety because you could shoot, but not see the enemies, or you could see, but not shoot the enemies. This is what made it the scariest game i've played in years - Even FEAR with it's "throw bodies through windows at random moments" didn't scare me as much as doom 3. Apart from those 2 games, no moment in any game in the last 2 decades has scared me at all (and FEAR only made me jump a little 3 times).

For anybody that remembers, alpha labs 4, the bloody footprints to the broken door and the babies scream. First time i heard that was at 3am with headphones on in the dark. That remains, till this day, the only time a game litteraly sent shivers down my spine and i had to take a 5 minute break because it spooked me. No game before or since has done that for me. That, my friend, is true horror.

For those who don't remember, and be sure to turn the sound up high ^^

By damianrobertjones on 9/13/2010 5:54:16 PM , Rating: 2
Yep, very, very tense at parts. The small spider things made me very .. uncomfortable when they first appeared.

I think the 'main' complaint is that people expected Doom 3 to be Doom 2 updated and with luck Doom 4 will be just that. As it stands, Doom 3 and the expansion will always be fondly remembered.

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