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Microsoft employees carry a coffin for Apple's iPhone  (Source: Carl J)

  (Source: Carl J)
Microsoft is pretty confident about how Windows Phone 7 will perform in the marketplace

Well, we can say that the folks from Redmond definitely have a morbid sense of humor. In celebration of the release to manufacturing (RTM) of Windows Phone 7, Microsoft held a mock funeral for two of the stars of the smartphone community: the Apple iPhone and RIM's BlackBerry.

According to Neowin, there were hearses for both the iPhone and the BlackBerry along with Microsoft employees dressed up in Windows Phone 7 garb. Microsoft even went so far as to have employees performing the infamous "Thriller Dance" to celebrate the hope that Windows Phone 7 will bury the competition.

Interestingly enough, while Microsoft definitely had Apple and RIM in its crosshairs today, “dead” Google was nowhere to be found. There were no hearses for the Android OS, so either Microsoft just overlooked this "minor" detail, or it doesn't think that it has the muscle to bury Android so quickly.

Windows Phone 7 is reportedly set to launch on October 11.

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RE: It would be appropriate
By Reclaimer77 on 9/12/2010 7:22:29 PM , Rating: 2
For small business, schools and many people - there isn't any real advantage for Win7.

The added security over XP alone is "worth it." I don't think there's any debate that 7 is by far more secure down to the kernel level than XP ever was. The problem is, it costs LOTS of money to change OS's due to MS's licensing structure. So if schools or businesses seem reluctant to go to 7, that isn't a mark against the OS itself.

Having said that, I do believe I read that 7 is enjoying impressive business adoption rates compared to Vista.

But, other than DX10~11, what can Win7 do that XP cant? Networking, browsing, MS-Office, etc etc..

Well by this logic we could all still be using Windows 2000. It does all that stuff too! As far as the gaming stuff, high end PC gaming isn't going anywhere this decade in my opinion.

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