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Microsoft employees carry a coffin for Apple's iPhone  (Source: Carl J)

  (Source: Carl J)
Microsoft is pretty confident about how Windows Phone 7 will perform in the marketplace

Well, we can say that the folks from Redmond definitely have a morbid sense of humor. In celebration of the release to manufacturing (RTM) of Windows Phone 7, Microsoft held a mock funeral for two of the stars of the smartphone community: the Apple iPhone and RIM's BlackBerry.

According to Neowin, there were hearses for both the iPhone and the BlackBerry along with Microsoft employees dressed up in Windows Phone 7 garb. Microsoft even went so far as to have employees performing the infamous "Thriller Dance" to celebrate the hope that Windows Phone 7 will bury the competition.

Interestingly enough, while Microsoft definitely had Apple and RIM in its crosshairs today, “dead” Google was nowhere to be found. There were no hearses for the Android OS, so either Microsoft just overlooked this "minor" detail, or it doesn't think that it has the muscle to bury Android so quickly.

Windows Phone 7 is reportedly set to launch on October 11.

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By Icehearted on 9/11/2010 3:50:17 AM , Rating: 1
I disagree, entirely. One needn't use theatrics or trade barbs with their competitor, they need only to exhibit superiority either in quality, pricing, service, or all, in order to be successful.

Nintendo, for example, excluded themselves from this silly 'console war' and their Wii system was an untouchable juggernaut in sales because rather than focusing on what the others didn't offer, they focused on what they themselves had to offer . They did nothing to dump on the competition (not even with their DS with regard to the PSP) and they outsold MS and Sony's entries by a huge margin.

RE: Advertising, publicity stunt, or mudslinging?
By B3an on 9/11/2010 5:19:55 AM , Rating: 2
I wish more companies were like that. But the fact is, atleast 1/3 people are mentally retarded.
So look how well it does for crApple. Look at there MAC vs PC commercials, there blatant lies in much of there advertising, and even when there phone has an antennae problem they like to pretend it's normal and all phones do it.

By theapparition on 9/11/2010 12:37:40 PM , Rating: 2
Mock funerals work well for polarizing personalities like Howard Stern.

I don't think MS is in the same position. They have nothing to gain, and everything to lose. My prediction is that you'll soon see an MS press release saying that this was a test promotion done by a contracted marketing team, not an official MS sanctioned event, and they take no responsibility, blah, blah.

At least Stern had the smarts to do the funeral after he went to #1 in a market, not before he was even on the radio.

By Reclaimer77 on 9/11/2010 9:12:35 AM , Rating: 1
Nintendo, for example, excluded themselves from this silly 'console war' and their Wii system was an untouchable juggernaut in sales because rather than focusing on what the others didn't offer, they focused on what they themselves had to offer .

Nintendo was in dire financial trouble and could NOT take place in the "console war". I'm not going to speculate, however, and say they would have if they could. But I don't believe this is a good example in the context of this topic.

RE: Advertising, publicity stunt, or mudslinging?
By bplewis24 on 9/11/2010 10:22:50 AM , Rating: 4
You're kidding yourself if you think Nintendo did no "mudslinging" or being critical of other platforms while hyping up the Wii. But what you've illustrated is just how favorably people can look upon a company that does the same things as everybody else when they LIKE THE COMPANY.

That is exactly what fanboyism is all about.


By Icehearted on 9/11/2010 3:35:20 PM , Rating: 2
I don't currently own a Nintendo system. I used Nintendo as an example because they really did say they were fishing for a different audience than Sony and MS with their current platforms (and I own a Xbox 360, FYI).

Maybe a little fact checking on your part would have helped your argument float a bit better.

RE: Advertising, publicity stunt, or mudslinging?
By Camikazi on 9/11/2010 8:18:14 PM , Rating: 2
I love Nintendo, but they had to go for a different audience then Sony and MS, cause they knew they could not compete with them. Wii and it's unique audience was what saved Nintendo, if they had taken part in the console wars of Sony and MS they would have been crushed. They just did not have what was needed to fight Sony and MS on their turf and they knew it.

By Icehearted on 9/11/2010 8:44:23 PM , Rating: 2
I don't disagree. My point is simply that they were successful without having to resort to theatrics like this. No prodding their competitors (and the other big two are competing with them, especially now that they're really pushing motion control), no mudslinging, and for a couple of years their hardware still managed to outsell the other two by a wide margin.

By gamerk2 on 9/13/2010 10:35:53 AM , Rating: 2
Agree that Nintendo HAD to go in a different situation, though its important to note its dire financial situation. Its also worth noting that their software sales, outside of first party title...not doing so well right now. Lets see how the Wii holds up for the next few years, shall we? Personally, I think the novelty is wearing off. [I'm also predicting Move/Kinnect to be massive failures; wrong audience combined with limited support = bad combination].

Oddly, the support problem is reversed in the portable market; the Wonderswan Color was the last real competitor Nintendo's had in that arena...

By Camikazi on 9/20/2010 5:28:20 PM , Rating: 2
Of course they did not prod or bother their competition, they knew they couldn't cause pissing off the big guys when your bleeding in a corner is a BAD idea. Their only chance was slowly moving away from the big two and finding your own corner to play in and heal, they didn't do it cause they wanted too, they did it cause they had to.

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