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Antibiotics in cockroach brains could treat MSRA and E-Coli

A troublesome household pest could soon provide healthy benefits to humans. Tissue from the brains and nervous systems of the common cockroach contain bacteria fighting properties that may help banish serious infections. As a result, “superbugs” like MRSA and E-Coli can be destroyed more than 90 percent of the time without damaging human cells. 

Researchers from the School of Veterinary Medicine at the UK's University of Nottingham identified up to nine different molecules in the tissue of cockroaches and locusts that were toxic to bacteria.

The team of scientists has discovered that the bugs secrete their own antimicrobials and is currently studying specific properties of the antibacterial molecules. 

Simon Lee, a postgraduate researcher and Dr. Dr Naveed Khan, an Associate Professor of Molecular Microbiology, presented their findings at the Society for General Microbiology’s meeting this week according to

"Insects often live in unsanitary and unhygienic environments where they encounter many different types of bacteria. It is therefore logical that they have developed ways of protecting themselves against micro-organisms," said Lee.

The potency of the antibacterial molecules found in these insects are now being tested on various superbugs including Acinetobacter, Pseudomonas and Burkholderia. 

"We hope that these molecules could eventually be developed into treatments for E. coli and MRSA infections that are increasingly resistant to current drugs. These new antibiotics could potentially provide alternatives to currently available drugs that may be effective but have serious and unwanted side effects."

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RE: I wonder...
By FITCamaro on 9/8/2010 12:42:47 PM , Rating: 2
Yeah I generally try to take drugs as little as possible. I got some anti-biotics for a severe tonsil infection that basically was cutting off my ability to breathe. But if I'm sick with just a cold or something, I take a sudafed or something to fight the symptoms and learn nature run its course. As a result, I generally healthy. I haven't had a flu shot in two years. Did get a mild flu though during the heart of the swine flu craze. Got over the bulk of it and went back to work.

RE: I wonder...
By chick0n on 9/8/2010 1:13:23 PM , Rating: 4
amen brother.

I try to avoid as much meds as possible. I never had any flu shots and I rarely have flu/cold.

When I do, I just stay home, rest, drink lots of water, rest. and it will go away in a day or 2.

Its funny that some of my "dumb" friends keep telling me its bad not to take pills and Im stupid to take a day off or 2 just to "sleep the flu/cold" away.

sure dumbass, I can get them out in 2 days without any help. And my dumb friends gotta take all those stupid meds for a WEEK(sometimes, weekS) to get well. and guess what they get sick all the time. while I hardly get any. :)

RE: I wonder...
By Ammohunt on 9/8/2010 2:26:03 PM , Rating: 2
I never had the flu before last year after that experience i will get a flu shot every year from now on took 2 months to clear up completely; only fools reject vaccinations.

RE: I wonder...
By FITCamaro on 9/8/2010 3:45:32 PM , Rating: 1
Tell that to those who die from them. It isn't a lot of people. But it happens.

RE: I wonder...
By Ammohunt on 9/8/2010 6:27:33 PM , Rating: 3
as compared to those that die from the Flu every year? LOL

RE: I wonder...
By Fritzr on 9/8/2010 7:57:49 PM , Rating: 2
Sounds like we should be studying those people instead of cockroaches. If they are dying from the flu multiple times it would be useful to know how they are recovering from death :P

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