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IOS 4.1 fixes proximity sensor issue on iPhone 4

When Apple announced its latest lineup of iPod music players last week, Apple noted that iOS 4.1 would be released within the coming week. Staying true to its word, Apple today released the update which addresses a number of problems afflicting iPhone 4 and iPhone 3G users.

First up, iOS 4.1 fixes the proximity sensor on the iPhone 4. For those unfamiliar with the problem, numerous iPhone 4 users would find themselves muting or ending calls due to the phone's screen turning back on when held up to his or her ear. The proximity sensor issue appears to have been even more widespread that the infamous antenna problem.

A second issue corrected with the iOS 4.1 update for iPhone 4 users includes improved Bluetooth connectivity. Some users were being prematurely disconnected from their Bluetooth headsets due to a conflict with Wi-Fi resources.

Finally, iPhone 3G users will find some relief with speed improvements courtesy of iOS 4.1. AnandTech performed ran benchmarks comparing iOS 4.1 to iOS 4.0.2 and iOS 3.1.3 -- thankfully, the update appears to solve many of the performance-related problems.

IOS 4.1 also brings an number of new features including HDR photo capture (iPhone 4 only), Game Center, HD video uploads via Wi-FI, TV show rentals, AVRCP Bluetooth playback, and Ping support in iTunes.

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RE: Mandatory
By robinthakur on 9/24/2010 6:04:01 AM , Rating: 2
Well I own an iPhone 4 and with respect, that is not my experience (with the necessary bumper, obviously)

For me it's currently the right device and i'm now happy with it. I, however, am not an iSheep and was tempted to move to Android slightly this year for the first time since 2007, to an HTC Desire. Points in Android's favour for me included:

-Google apps like Goggles, turn by turn navigation, which currently don't appear for iPhone.
-I like the better notification system in the top bar.
-Perceived lack of arrogance in the way Google does business versus Apple and Steve Jobs.

For several reasons though, I didn't:
-The constant churn of new Android hardware coming out is a little annoying, from a customer perspective.
-Slightly lesser build quality (vs Apple) I've owned HTC before with my old Wimo phones and wasn't impressed by their build or their attention to design. The device has to look aesthetically pleasing or I'm simply not carrying it.
-The icons and general look of Android still does not have the polish of iPhone and reminds me of Linux or Nokia a bit too much. The OS appears not to always run at a smooth clip. I really loved the smooth 60fps interface of the first iphone when I first got it. My opinion only, to some this might not be a factor.
-Complex upgrade etiquette on a handset by handset basis, apart from the now obsolete N1. When a new upgrade is released I don't want to have to wait even with the convenience of being able to push out upgrades over the air.
-Not being able to use all my purchased apps for which there is no current equivalent on Android. Also concern over the quality of Apps on Android.

A combination of the above meant that *even despite the antennae issues*, I stuck with the iPhone for one more year because all things considered, it is still the best Smartphone for me now they've fixed the battery life and the outstanding issues like multi-tasking, Copy/paste etc. Next year might be different, we shall see.

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