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Samsung's upcoming Galaxy Tab offers everything from video calling to augmented reality. Its just released specs appear impressive.  (Source: Samsung via YouTube)
Another MID competitor offers Apple's iPad a run for its money

While there is a decided lack of tablet competitors to Apple's iPad, which is selling 2.3+ million units a month, a handful of small tablet-like mobile internet devices are trickling in.  The first of those was the Dell Android Streak, a 5-inch MID.  Now Samsung, maker of the hot-selling Galaxy S Android smartphone, is launching its own MID, a 7-inch design named the Galaxy Tab.

The Galaxy Tab packs a pretty nice specs sheet.  It boasts a modest 1024x600 pixel resolution TFT LCD, slightly below the iPad's 1024x768 pixel LCD panel and better than the 800x480 LCD screen the Streak packs.  The OS onboard is Android 2.2 Froyo and additional GUI functionality is provided by Samsung's TouchWiz 3.0.

The processor onboard is Samsung's proprietary 1GHz Hummingbird Cortex A8 (ARM) CPU, co-developed by Intrinsity.  Past tests have shown this to be a very fast processor.  GLSBenchmark, a benchmark that measures raw integer and floating point performance by the CPU, found that it crunched just under twice as many frames as the TI OMAP3630 found in the Motorola Droid X, and over 2.5 times as many frames as the 1 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon (QSD8650) widely used by HTC.

The device measures 190.09x120.45x11.98 mm (7.48x4.74x0.471 in), making it thinner than the iPad.  It weighs a mere 380 g (13.4 oz.).

There's 512 MB of RAM onboard.  The GPU is the PowerVR SGX540, a slightly improved, but similar model to that used in the iPad.  There's a 3 megapixel rear-facing camera with flash and auto focus, and a 1.3 megapixel front-facing camera for video telephony (chatting).  The sensor package is pretty standard -- a gyroscope, a geo-magnetic sensor, an accelerometer, and a light sensor.

It comes with a pretty beefy 4,000 mAh battery, good for up to 7 hours of video playback.  It also comes packed with either 16 GB or 32 GB of internal Flash memory, depending on which configuration is purchased.  Further storage is provide by a microSD slot.  

One of the MID's strong points is its connectivity.  It is the first tablet or MID to feature Bluetooth 3.0.  It has a 3G modem with full support for voice/data.  Calls can be placed via speakerphone or Bluetooth headset.  There's also built in 5GHz dual-band 802.11n Wi-Fi.  Finally, much like the iPad, there is a 30-pin connector, allowing for HDMI, USB, and docking accessories (a car dock at least is planned).

Some will likely fall in love with this tablet, whose specs are clearly superior to the Dell Streak and on-par or slightly ahead of the iPad.  However, it may be wise to wait for Motorola's upcoming tablet/MID -- or the upcoming webOS-powered HP Hurricane and Asus Eee Pad, which may offer a superior Android tablet experience in some respects.

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RE: Samsung iPad?
By Goty on 9/2/2010 11:11:47 AM , Rating: 2
Do developers have to write a different version of their program for ever model of windows PC? No, and they don't have to here, either.

You are aware that, outside of Apple's magical land of iCrap, multiple hardware platforms can run the same software, aren't you?

RE: Samsung iPad?
By SkierInAvon on 9/2/10, Rating: -1
RE: Samsung iPad?
By Chris Peredun on 9/2/2010 11:43:50 AM , Rating: 2
Let's see you load (natively) the MAC OS X - operating system on an AMD based laptop/desktop or even an Intel based PC of your choice...from the shelves of your local 'best buy' store.

This has been getting done for a long time ever since EFI booting became possible on standard PC hardware. Using retail OSX discs, no less.

Can a single Droid smart phone support all these OS' either Win7 (mobile) or (developers choice) the iPhone OS? PalmOS? BeOS?...etc

My old HTC phone was shipped with WM6, got upgraded to WM6.5, and has gone from Android 1.5 to 1.6 to 2.1 to 2.2. I can put a non-phone Linux on it. Windows Phone 7 isn't out yet. iOS doesn't run on any other device because it's closed-source. It all depends on how open the target device and desired operating system are.

What is your cross platform software development tool of choice that lets your developer (write once?) and run everywhere.

Moving the goalposts. You can't write a iOS/OSX cross-platform app, unless you count the Simulator. Let's see the original question.

What does a software developer write to? Example: 10 different re-writes of his single application to get it to run on 10 different iPad (like?) devices?

One write targeting Android, with branching conditions based on the OS variant, performance profile of the device, and available features/resolution.

Kind of like writing for iOS, when you have to consider that you might want to target anything from a 480x320 original iPhone to a 1024x768 iPad. And let's not even start into the quagmire of OS version changes and performance profiles, especially if you're working with OpenGL ES.

RE: Samsung iPad?
By SkierInAvon on 9/2/2010 12:31:43 PM , Rating: 1

I believe your last paragraph in your last response - has made my point for (us).

What does a reasonable software developer reasonably write to?

tricky question.

Do you have a web page link - to the story/article/demonstation of MAC OS X running (natively) on standard off the (best buy shelf) PC hardware? I said natively. I'm not talking about running Windows on a MAC running OS X. We both know the Mac can do that non-natively.

I'd like to see (video) the proof of your allegation.

RE: Samsung iPad?
By acer905 on 9/2/2010 12:51:43 PM , Rating: 2
Simply google Hackintosh, and you will be gifted with a plethora of links to examples of an off the shelf PC runnin OSX natively. There even exists a wikipedia page which covers the OSx86 project, which is gaining a lot of popularity due to the ease that it can be achieved lately.

In case you are lazy...

There are more as well. Complete native support. Also, look up Psystar. They got a bit of Apple hate for building and selling hackintoshes...

RE: Samsung iPad?
By dark matter on 9/2/2010 1:58:12 PM , Rating: 2
Do you even know how to use Google?

RE: Samsung iPad?
By jvillaro on 9/2/2010 3:29:55 PM , Rating: 2
If you read all his posts you will find that he might be one step behind in human evolution...
Maybe he´s not the missing link but a bet he´s as dumb

RE: Samsung iPad?
By sprockkets on 9/5/2010 10:04:30 PM , Rating: 2
This has been getting done for a long time ever since EFI booting became possible on standard PC hardware. Using retail OSX discs, no less.

FYI, the EFI booting on normal pc's is incompatible with the EFI used on Macs, because of version differences.

Regardless even if they were compatible at some point, there is no provision in normal computers with EFI's firmware to decrypt the encrypted binaries present in OSX.

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