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Will Apple finally offer a fix to the iPhone 4's defective antenna? A Mexican carrier executive claims that just such a fix is landing Sept. 30.  (Source: Kimberly White/Reuters)
A Mexican carrier may have just let Apple's big iPhone secret slip

The iPhone 4's epic launch of 1.7 million units sold globally in 3 days was largely overshadowed by the numerous problems afflicting the phone.  Foremost is the phone's antenna problems, which make its most basic functionality – making phone calls – troublesome for some users.  Apple's solution thus far has been to tell current generation purchasers to live with the issues and to give them a free case, which insulates the phone in order to prevent signal disruption.

A top executive for Mexican carrier Telcel recently announced that his company will launch the iPhone on Friday August 27.  However, he also may have let slip a far bigger secret.  According to his press release [translated], Apple will deliver a major off-cycle hardware revision that will fix the antenna issues and improve reception.  The press releases pins September 30, 2010 as the ship date for the new hardware.

That date conveniently coincides with the expiration date of Apple's free case offer -- also September 30.

Of course the Telcel announcement is unsubstantiated, and while they 
are an official Apple carrier, there's been no confirmation of the upcoming fix from Apple yet.  It's possible that the fix could be announced at the special Apple event that's being held in San Francisco later today.

Most observers figure a fix is indeed in store; the only question is "when”?  After all, most manufacturers look to fix defective or failing products.  Apple in the past has largely relied on software fixes to do the trick, but an iPhone 4 firmware update offered no actual improvements to signal reception, but merely adjusted the way bars were displayed.  That leaves a hardware revision as the only real hope for a true fix.

There's still a great deal of mystery surrounding the potential hardware revision.  But one thing's for sure; all eyes will be on Apple later today and near the end of September, watching for potential action.

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RE: Apple
By theapparition on 9/1/2010 5:26:53 PM , Rating: 5
The antenna problems seem to have nothing to reduce demand for the iPhone 4.

I am sure its tremendously reassuring to think that the behaviour of millions of people is, because it is different to your behaviour, evidence that they are more stupid than yourself but its just self deception. It won't help understand what is happening.

So basically you admit that the item has a hardware defect, and also claim that it hasn't severely hurt it's demand(quite correct on both issues as I might add).

And you wonder why techies make fun of Apple zealots like yourself. Known defect and yet people are too stupid to not buy it. And in typical Apple fashion, the early adopters are one again screwed over by purchasing inferior or overpriced hardware, only to be fixed/price lowered soon after.

I'm not going to debate anything with you since I'd have better luck converting a Muslim to Judaism. Without the capability to admit at least once that Apple has made some major design flaws, you're no better than the legions of PC fanboys. You might be able to write in complete sentences without throwing in some l337 hacker speak, but the mentality of a 14yo girl is still there.

RE: Apple
By Tony Swash on 9/1/10, Rating: -1
RE: Apple
By themaster08 on 9/2/2010 2:20:47 AM , Rating: 2
Apple's products as being the result of the stupidity of millions of people
So intelligent people purchase smartphones with known hardware design flaws?

Tony, we all know you like Apple and someone at least needs to stand in their corner, but that doesn't mean you have to agree on every single thing they do, and not acknowledge their mistakes. You're completely blinded.

Apple screwed up with their antenna design. You've never once acknowledged that fact. Instead you tiptoe around the subject, informing us that the iPhone 4 is still selling like hotcakes. Does it upset you to see real and factual criticism of Apple?

Why are you so loyal to this one company? Intelligent people are loyal to their own needs, not to a particular brand.

I agree that there is a lot of hot air surrounding Apple, but this is a tech website. Apple's business plan and closed ecosystem are against most of what the tech community stands for. To not expect incoherent backlash for supporting Apple is just plain stupid, but no more stupid than blindly supporting a company whether they're wrong or right.

RE: Apple
By Tony Swash on 9/2/10, Rating: -1
RE: Apple
By Quadrillity on 9/3/2010 8:45:16 AM , Rating: 2
I can't comprehend how someone could have that much to say about Apple... you have WAY too much f'in spare time man. Find a hobby

RE: Apple
By Tony Swash on 9/3/2010 1:15:44 PM , Rating: 1
I can't comprehend how someone could have that much to say about Apple... you have WAY too much f'in spare time man. Find a hobby

Retired a year ago and have lots of spare time - a joy after decades of work I can tell you.

Seriously - add up the number of words written here about Apple products written by people who don't even own them and don't intend to and tell me I am the wordy one :)

RE: Apple
By Hieyeck on 9/3/2010 9:08:33 AM , Rating: 1

But I caught something about closed systems.

Apple's BEST OS - OSX, is based on *drumroll* FreeBSD. That's right, they're charging you for an open, free to license operating system. That's mashed together with another free kernel that was killed off in the 1980s (Mach). So according to Apple: Free OS + Free Kernel = Charging you an arm for the package and a leg for the updates. At least Microsoft builds their own systems.

RE: Apple
By Tony Swash on 9/3/10, Rating: 0
RE: Apple
By xti on 9/3/2010 10:02:31 AM , Rating: 2
just say misery loves company. that is always why techies hate whoever has something that is either on top, way too mainstream for their likes, etc etc.

RE: Apple
By Sazar on 9/3/2010 11:30:48 AM , Rating: 2
I pre-ordered mine so your argument does not apply to me.

Not all people who use Apple products (and the iPhone 3G and iPhone 4 are my only Apple purchases ever) do so because they are blinded by the glow of Apple's logo :)

In hindsight, I would have just kept waiting for the Dell Streak and slapped Froyo on there. THAT is an amazing phone/tablet and the OS has left Apple's iOS behind. The only thing Apple's operating system still has is that it remains the slickest/smoothest on the market.

"I f***ing cannot play Halo 2 multiplayer. I cannot do it." -- Bungie Technical Lead Chris Butcher

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