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SanDisk launches new Sansa Fuze+ which starts under $100

With all the hype surrounding Apple's impending launch of new iPods, it's sometimes easy to forget about some of the the key players in the MP3 player market. One of the big names we haven't heard from in a while is SanDisk, and they're debuting the new Sansa Fuze+ today.

The Sansa Fuze+ is the successor to the older Sansa Fuze and features a completely redesigned body. The player incorporates a 2.4" QVGA LCD; a "film strip" GUI which makes allows quick navigation through photos, music, and video with left/right finger swipes; and FM radio support.

Other features include a microSDHC card slot for expanded storage capacity (SanDisk slotRadio is supported) and a microphone for audio recording. The Sansa Fuze+ can operate for 24 hours straight while playing only audio; that figure drops to five hours when playing video.

“The Sansa Fuze+ is the most versatile portable media player available for under $100,” said Tom Bailey, senior director, AV retail, SanDisk. “We developed an entirely new product to provide consumers with a stylish, affordable device that performs exactly as a sophisticated yet easy to use player should.”

The Sansa Fuze+ is available today in capacities of 4GB, 8GB, and 16GB with MSRPs of $79, $89, and $119 respectively (available colors include red, white, black, blue and purple).

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RE: Sansa
By tastyratz on 8/31/2010 4:23:41 PM , Rating: 3
then get new headphones.
Meetronics ai-m9's are like 25 bux and beat out bose sets that sell for 4x more. I can instantly tell when I am playing one of my mp3's that are not 320kbps

Maybe I am just an audiophile but the idea of something that sounds so bad that 64k is acceptable would make me lose sleep.

Also +1 for sansa. I have had a fuze for years now and its been ultra reliable. Wife had a c250 upgraded to an e250 and that lasted several years before she beat the headphone port off and just ordered a fuze (last week too)

Sandisk makes an amazing product, I am curious what else this player brings to the table. Wonder how long it will be before rockbox supports it :-)

RE: Sansa
By DanNeely on 9/1/2010 1:24:33 PM , Rating: 2
I'm anything but an audiophile; which is just as well since all the higher end headphones I've seen are in styles I find uncomfortable to wear. Even on a friends $500(?)ish speakers I can't tell the difference between a 128k MP3 and a better than CD quality FLAC file. Even there outside of A/B testing I doubt I'd've picked up on 64k vs 128k.

As for the phones you suggested I've yet to find a pair of earbuds that weren't either so loose they fell out if I tilted my head or were painfully tight in my ears. I've similar complaints with the bigger cuplike headphones, combined with not wanting to wear something that blocks out too much exterior sound while I'm walking along the road.

I currently have a pair of Sennheiser PMX100's and an equivalent pair with stereo and a folding headband. They sound better than anything else I've tried in this form factor.

RE: Sansa
By tastyratz on 9/1/2010 11:26:29 PM , Rating: 3
The tinny crappy earbuds of past have come a long way compared to today's in ear monitors (iem) They function highly based on the ability to seal to reproduce accurately. This is seperate from the obviously better ability to hear your music definition in a loud environment without cranking them.

If you truly can not tell the difference between 64k and 128k then you would be borderline legally deaf. 256k to 320? 192 to 256? That I believe. 64 to 128 I suspect is a gross overstatement on any account and any speakers. Check headfi forums for reviews on different popular headphones, and pay more attention to comfort then.

Sennheiser cx300 might be a good entry iem for you if you found yourself interested.

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