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vPro joins Centrino and Viiv

Just when you thought that Intel was through with their product branding, the company adds another to its repertoire. First there was Centrino which took the notebook industry by storm. Then Intel launched its Viiv platform for entertainment PCs. Now Intel is stamping the vPro brand on next generation business PCs.

PCs with the vPro branding will feature a 64-bit Core processor, Intel Active Management Technology (AMT) and Intel Virtualization Technology (VT). Intel's AMT technology will be incorporated into the processor, wile VT will be integrated into the accompanying chipset. Intel hopes that the combined technologies will provide a stable and secure platform with unmatched manageability.

Offering businesses avenues to reduce PC support costs, Intel AMT helps manage, inventory, diagnose and repair PCs even when systems are turned off or have crashed operating systems or hard drives. The second generation of Intel AMT offers the ability to isolate infected PCs before they impact the network and alert IT when threats are removed.

Further strengthening PC security, Intel VT allows for separate independent hardware-based environments inside a single PC so IT managers can create a dedicated, tamper-resistant service environment – or partition – where particular tasks or activities can run independently, invisible to and isolated from PC users.

Intel already has backing from many of the top names in the industry including Adobe, Cisco, Computer Associates, Hitachi, Kaspersky Lab, Lenovo, Microsoft, Novell and Symantec. While Intel's Centrino marketing campaign has been an overwhelming success in the notebook space, most of us are still waiting to see what the real benefits are of Intel's Viiv platform...

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RE: What does "V" stand for?
By Griswold on 4/25/2006 5:18:22 PM , Rating: 2
And what would the other version be? Right..

RE: What does "V" stand for?
By peternelson on 4/26/2006 7:17:16 AM , Rating: 2
Ahhhh, so you think "vPro" means PROFESSIONAL VERSION.

I see.

Is that distinct from performance workstation version or "HPC (high performance computing) version"....

They're obviously not "professional" users.

My impression is that vPro is targetted at business desktops including corporates and SMEs.

So, can we rename "Core Solo" as "lame 32 bit version" ;-)

I don't think Solo/Duo/Core are good names as they confuse the market. The number of cores a processor has is an important feature that should NOT be confused with a subset of products given that moniker. Also I don't think there is a clear distinction between the current "Cores" ie single/dual 32 bit only, and the next generation chips which also contain "cores" but offer 64 bit too.

It's a bit like people calling "Celerons" Pentium 4s.

"Nowadays you can buy a CPU cheaper than the CPU fan." -- Unnamed AMD executive
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